Asda’s Jewellery Laces: Play, then Eat. And You’ll Want to Eat.

I really didn't want to like these. But I did.

Reviewed by Matty

August 21, 2018


I really didn’t want to like these Asda Jewellery Laces.

For all sorts of reasons:

  1. You are supposed to play with them. Then eat them. FYI, I tell my kids not to play with their food.
  2. They look rubbery. I’ve had other gummy lace type candy and they tend to be light on flavor, heavy on the plastic texture.
  3. They are from Asda. For those of us who don’t live in the UK, Asda is like Walmart. Which is fine. But we don’t tend to love candies made by huge grocery conglomerates. Trader Joe’s in the US white labels their candies. Perhaps Asda does the same, but I couldn’t find that info anywhere.

And yet, here I am with a positive review.

  1. The strings are loooong, and they have the right kind of chew so they don’t break if you do decide to play with them before eating. I made a necklace. It looked gorgeous on me. Took 1 minute. See below. The gummie charms easily fit on the strand, and there was a load of strand left to tie. In other words, you can actually make something with these – it’s not a fake ‘play and eat’ dessert.
  2. The gummy had decent flavor. Not too general, and not like unsweetened rubber. I feel like there was a berry, lemon, mango and maybe strawberry. I liked them; decently gummy-tasty, although don’t buy these if ‘flavor’ is your primary reason for getting some candy today.
  3. Perhaps these are a white label confection, perhaps not, but I’d buy these because of the amount in the bag. It felt like a lot of candy. Adding the handfuls of charms to the multiple strands means these could last a few days.

Plus, Asda does a decent job of helping people with allergies know what’s up, by bolding the potential offenders in the ingredients. Also, vegetarians can eat this, which gives another point to Asda, since gummies made without animal-parts gelatin tend to suck…and these do not suck.

(Although I’m not sure about your favorite band…)

The challenge you and I are going to have, living in the US, is the closest I could find to these online were actually “Rainbow Laces.” No, not the same thing. The Jewellery Laces package says “new,” so perhaps they will come online soon. In the near term, move to the UK and head out to the shops to procure at your local Asda.

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  1. EatExploreEtc

    Asda is actually a subsidiary of Walmart! And I don’t think Asda produce sweets for market – usually we assume larger specialist companies make the ‘own label’ ranges for our shops.

    For example, Katjes – the German sweet manufacturer – makes the Percy Pig range for Marks & Spencers. They’re made without any reference to the Katjes brand though, they’re only ‘own label’ M&S.

    If you can find them, you might like Katjes Black Wunderland – they’re black gummy liquorice flavoured unicorns. 😀

    • Matty

      mmmmm Katjes….


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