Albanese Sour Inch Worms: World’s Best? Let’s Test.

Albanese Gummis Sour Inch Worms calls themselves World's Best. Not country's best. Not state's best. WORLD'S BEST. Us Candygurus calls thems fighting words. A new candy maker creating a semi-tired, yet tried/true, sour worm gummi and calling them "Worlds Best?" We'll be the judges of that.

Reviewed by Matty

July 16, 2010


This candy says it’s World’s Best. Not country’s best. Not state’s best. WORLD’S BEST.
Thems fighting words.
A new (to me at least) candy maker creating a semi-tired, yet tried and true sour worm gummi and calling them the “Worlds Best?”
Time to test these bad boys.

Opening the box. Smells good. Uber fragrant. I like that. The aroma makes all suckers for sour, like me, want to dive right in.

Taking a bite. Hm. The flavors aren’t quite the same as other sour worms. My mouth thinks they will be but no, they’re not. Though I just don’t know what I’m tasting here…I’m guessing the blue/orange is a melon, and the red/yellow is strawberry lemonade, and the green/yellow is lemon-lime but they all taste similar – not wonderful/ not bad, but samey and general. I started eating them without looking at them and I had no idea what colors I was eating. On a related note, I burped after I ate a few and the aftertaste was methane-y. Blech.

The sourness is decent. Average. Not extraordinarily sour, but they don’t purport to be. “World’s Best” sour? Um. no.

Texture is good. Chewy enough; not soft. If “10” was a super rock hard red vine aged for a year in an open drawer, and a “1” is turkish delight, then these are a solid “6.”

Again. As I OLways write: I don’t need 2 packages here. Put them in a box, or put them in a plastic package. Why both? If you just put them in the box they’d be aged quite nicely by the time I get to them. But perhaps I need to chill out – maybe the dual packaging isn’t a brainchild of candy companies but rather an FDA mandate…any readers know the deets on this?

Scroll back up and look at the main image of the full package. Go ahead. I’ll wait. See the “Made in the USA” ? ZZzzzzzzzzz snore, cough, snort…zzzzzzzz. A good marketing ploy in the 80’s when we were scared of the Japanese lead in car technology. Gets an eyebrow raise now since China literally is banking all of our U.S credit. But it feels a tad hollow since the Internet makes the world a very small place and lord knows that most of us who like candy know that much of the best sweet stuff is from countries not called “USA.” However — the name of the candy company is Albanese Gummis, which sounds like they’re making the goods in the terrorist hotbed known as Albania. Litlol. So they better stick with “Made in the USA.” Although if the Albanians had written “Made in Germany” I may have been more apt to buy this.

(Note: I didn’t buy these. My candy pusher Craig always travels around the West Coast and gets me goods. These from a candy store called “The Buzz” in Oregon – looks kinda cool. Craig literally has spent 200 thousand dollars on my candy habit. It sounds like a lot. I know. But I’m worth it.)

Conclusion: “World’s Best”? Eh. No. But not the World’s Worst either. Perhaps they can augment their packaging to be more clever. Like, “What the World Expects in Sour Worms!” and “Made in the USA but we’d make it in Germany if we lived there too!”

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  1. Ev

    Really? I see them as the best because of three points

    1. Sour, they have a slight kick that everyone can enjoy, for all ages. Kids that go, “I have had sourer” miss the point, it is for everyone to enjoy, they are too goo not to

    2. Texture, I appreciate a good chewy gummi, but I have fallen in love with the texture of Albanese, they are soft and tender, having a nice give while still being chewy

    3. Flavor, they just have a good taste, fruity and delicious

  2. Faye

    So, if this isn’t the world’s best, which is? I want to buy for a sour gummy freak and would like to send really good goods. Recommendations?

  3. Jen

    The box is called a “theater box” and dual-packaged like that on purpose.


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