2010 – The Year that Candy Became Popular

The Top 10 candies of 2010! In case you missed our first take, check out the rehash!

Reviewed by Matty

December 13, 2010

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It’s getting to the end of the year, my friends. Another year another shmear! And instead of the requisite review that you’ve come to love … or maybe simply just expect … today’s post is a look back at the Candy Guru’s fondest candies of 2010. The Top 10! In reverse alphabetical order! These are all 10’s or 9’s. I’ve included pics, a few short quips and/or the video if we made one. Plus, thanks to the power of the interwebs, there are links to buy said goods, just in time to stuff those holiday stockings. (Too late for Channukah though…my bad.)

Please take note that this list is based on what candies in 2010 got the most stars. These aren’t necessarily the best written reviews nor the most entertaining. Also, I put this list together without checking in with Jonny about it. When I IM’ed him to tell him I was doing this post, he wrote back: “don’t talk to me. Ever. Again.”

Kidding! He’d never say that to me!

BEST OF 2010!


Vosges Peanut Butter Bonbons

Vosges Peanut Butter Bonbons Slay The Ass off Reeses
“Wanna know why these are quite possible the greatest thing ever?  Because the filling that you’re looking at isn’t some concocted “this tastes like peanut butter” filling crap.  I HATE those fillings, it’s why I really don’t eat truffles or bonbons. No, this filling is not a “filling”.  It’s amazing, complex peanut-y tasting peanut butter, perhaps mixed with a scoshe of chocolate-I’m not sure about that part.  But you can definitely feel the grainy consistency of the peanut butter, and that’s what takes these over the top…The Maldon on top is another layer of surprise. It brings a crunchy, ocean-y tasting salt accent to the party. It makes for one of those times where you take a bite, realize what’s going on and say, with your mouth full, “oh, man”. Then you chew some more and let out a “oh my GOD!”. They’re that good.”

Buy these straight from the source.


Viva Villosa Sallos

Villosa Sallos Black & White Licorice : This Aint Yo Momma’s Good & Plenty!
“Black & Whites start of good enough- a nice, crisp, rich licorice flavor. When you continue chewing, you get a hint of salt-it’s very understated. Then, as an aftertaste, you get an amazing, lasting deep licorice flavor, with an even larger “sense” of salt…There’s just something about these that keeps them from getting boring, too intense, or too anything. I was amazed last night at how over Good & Plenty’s I was after a few handfuls. I used to ADORE them. Now? Ruined. They’re like genetically produced licorice for foodies. And that’s all I’ll say.”

Germandeli.com has these bad boys. Get em now.

Too Haute Cowgirls’ Popcorn

“I love popcorn.  I’ve documented my addiction to any savory flavored popcorn (sour cream & onion, cheddar, ranch, whatever), but I’ve never been a huge chocolate & popcorn guy.  It’s good, but..for me it misses the salty mark. Until now. Peeps, I introduce you to my new friends : Two Haute Cowgirls, and their crown jewel, “Fistful of Fleur De Sel” popcorn.”

Pop up and buy some.


Mo’s Dark Bacon Bar

Mo’s Dark Bacon Bar: Chocolate, Meet Swine

“In my estimation, this is as good as a chocolate bar gets. Now, I’m not a hardcore chocolate aficionado and I’m sure that it’s not the very best chocolate in the world but it’s definitely high quality chocolate and the combination of the bacon, salt and cacao is spot on. You can taste all the flavors, chocolate being the predominant taste with some pretty powerful compliments.”

Pig out.

Koppers Sour Petite Fruits

Koppers Sour Petite Fruits – Mystery Solved

“These sour mini fruits are in my top 5 candies of all time. That’s no small feat for a Candyguru, mind you. I heart these. I love these. I can eat these 24/7, fresh, stale whatever. The sour aspect is not at all overwhelming. Not Sour Starburst sour, not Warheads sour, not even generic grocery store “sour worms” sour. It’s more an overall tart coating, that never overwhelms the fresh fruit flavor these things excel in bringing to the table.”

Buy these lovelies for a good price here, in pound increments.

Katjes Chile Heringe

Katjes Chile Heringe: Umm …. I f*&^ing LOVE these

“The Kicker: the chili….I love it. Especially chili because it’s more heat than crazy flavor. So it doesn’t ruin the licorice – it just adds this overriding spice a minute after you start eating. So you got great salty licorice – some heat – and a good thick chew. Like a tough gummi. Not soft. Who wouldn’t like this stuff? Yr kids. That’s who. This is adult food. Let them lick the pink frosting off cupcakes. The Matures are in da house and we’re pounding black licor-y with chili beeeyatches.”

Buy and heat up

Haribo Mini Rainbow Frogs

Haribo Mini Rainbow Frogs: Buy. These. Now
“These are truly fruity. They taste juicy even. As perhaps the smallest gummi in the Haribo family – it is also perhaps the ones with the fullest flavors. Not sour, not tart, but crisp and loud. If I ate one at a time and tried to delineate flavors, I’m sure I could. There would be a cherry and lemon and probably apple (green) not lime…orange. But you don’t eat these like that. You don’t pop one in your mouth. You pop 3-8 in your mouth. And you don’t suck on them. You chew them all at once. I treat these like it’s a bag of nuts – grab a handful and go at ’em.”

Ever heard of Amazon? They got crazy huge bags of these there.

Haribo Happy Cola Lemon Fresh

Haribo Happy Cola Lemon Fresh-They’re Not NOT “Avatar!”

“These are truly gemalicious-and here’s why: They have all the delightful feel and taste of the kind we can get here, but after about 2 seconds of chewing on them, you get bombarded with this absolutely genuine lemon wave.  The lemon and the sour cola flavor totally work together.  In fact, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that flavor-wise, these are in the top 5 of all gummies out there.”

Pucker up and buy here.

Haribo Fruity Frutti

“These are Haribo for chrissakes. They’re a 9 almost by default…”

Buy now at Amazonian


Happy Goat Caramels

“These are yummiriffy”

You can get these lil’ bundles of joy here.

Zolli Candy


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