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What do you get when you put classic boiled sweets flavors into newfangled filled gummies?

Reviewed by Jonny

June 23, 2019


Last year, our friends across the pond sent us some wonderful Asda branded Jewellery Laces that we absolutely loved. It was a nice surprise when they sent us these, and I have to say, as soon as I looked at them I was invested.

Now,….there’s a lot of “filled” sour gummy things out there. Even Twizzlers makes them, but theirs are Godawful. I had some concern thinking about them, but decided to just give the UK the benefit of the doubt: perhaps their solution isn’t as doughy and wheaty tasting as so many of the similar American offerings.

They kept is simple as far as flavors go-or should I say flavours-and definitely stayed to theme. These are most definitely inspired by some of the most iconic and classic boiled sweets from England. And if you aren’t sick to death already of reading our many, many reviews of boiled sweets, go ahead and take a deep dive. They settled on 4 classics: Sherbet Lemon, Rhubarb and Custard, Rosy Apples & Sour Cherry.

While the apple & cherry are familiar flavors for most countries, the difference here is in the clarity of flavor. These are clean-which is surprising, considering that in addition to the sour gummy outside, we have a somewhat creamier filling to contend with. Regardless though, these pack a nice clear punch.

The Rhubarb and Custard….I mean….why am I not eating this flavor combination daily? It’s just wonderful. Tangy, deep, unique fruitiness paired with mellow custard. Instantly, I feel like I’m eating the classic hard candy.

And saving the best for last, the Sherbet Lemon is incredible. The classic hard candies aren’t sour per se: they hold a bit of tang, but that’s it. It’s the center of them which holds sherbet powder with a bit of fizz that’s special. Somehow, they convey that “thing” quite well in the pencils.

Generally speaking, I don’t like this style of candy. I just don’t like the filling. However, I have had a few exceptions. Sockerbit and other resellers of Scandinavian sweets sell a really nice version, and now there’s these. I have to say, if more of these come down the road with interesting flavors, I guess I’m gonna have to consider myself a fan!

Unfortunately these aren’t easy to find stateside yet, but I’m betting that changes soon, as it did for the Jewelry Laces. Keep your eyes open!

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  1. Jonny

    You’re so lucky! Eat two bags.

  2. mikeUK

    hell yes, I’m getting these at lunch l. Maybe they will BE my lunch? FLAVOURS


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