You’re Welcome : Here’s Bevmo Sour Strawberry Bites

I’m gonna toss all my normal pithy, cute crap to the wayside today folks.  Strictly business. Being in the candy biz, my “job” is to buy candy I’ve never tried before, eat it, and tell you guys about it.  I can’t complain about that, right?  But most of the time, I hate to say it, […]

Reviewed by Jonny

April 8, 2011


I’m gonna toss all my normal pithy, cute crap to the wayside today folks.  Strictly business.

Being in the candy biz, my “job” is to buy candy I’ve never tried before, eat it, and tell you guys about it.  I can’t complain about that, right?  But most of the time, I hate to say it, it’s disappointment street.  There’s just a lot more mediocre and bad candy than there is quality stuff.  However, when I strike gold…shit gets REAL.




I bought these on a lark from Beverages & More a few weeks ago.

Keep in mind, the only other Bevmo packaged candy I’ve ever purchased were terrible. HAH-rible. They were almost expired sour lemonade belts and they tasted like grease. So clearly there was no reason for me to think these would be any better. But kids, I shit you not…these are a serious contender for candy of the year-a new classic for sure.

Here’s the deal-These are essentially little bites of a Red Vines type of licorice, coated outside AND IN (that’s the key) with sour sugary love.

We all know the kind of Red Vines we get at the movies (or in my case, The tub at Costco), but do you guys buy the super long thicker rope you get at ballgames? The two varieties taste JUST a bit different, and these bites are a combo of those flavors. Just delicious.

The sour effect on these isn’t lip curling at all – it’s much more subtle, which I usually don’t love, but I love these. LOVE these. So does my whole family, which as you know is rare.

If you think about it, all the candy that purports to be “sour licorice” really isn’t – some of it is good, yes-but it’s not licorice. Like sour straws or belts or whatever, it’s just a chewy sour candy. But these actually retain the classic Red Vines taste, while adding a bit of sour power. And before Mr. & Mrs. Smartypants raise their hands to tell me that Red Vines aren’t technically licorice either, let me just say : I’m aware. However, that’s what most of us think of when we think of licorice – mowing down Red Vines at a matinee on a weekend. And these bites conjure those memories with just a bit of an edge tossed in.

I give these my highest rating, which is no joke. Seriously-go out and get some of these and tell me what you think. Or, if you live in a bamboo village with no Bevmos but with high speed internet, pick them up here.

Randomly buying shitty candy isn’t that bad, but hitting an unknown goldmine is a delight. Makes me feel like I’ve done something right with this life.



**HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE UPDATE:  Since I wrote this review, Bevmo has changed these candies.  They’re no longer “Red Vines”-esque, but instead are softer, solid tubes of licorice.  They don’t taste the same.  They’re not as good.  And I’m angry.  VERY angry.  Why does everything excellent have to get pissed on and discontinued?

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  1. Joscelyn

    Dana can you find them again?!?! Everyone is out!

    • Matty

      Yeah Dana, can you?

  2. Name


    • jonnyguru

      Dana- nice work! Are you sure they’re the exact same product?

      You’re officially a jr. guru now.

  3. Dana

    so I’ve been searching for days on the internet and I found this site that apparently sells the strawberry sour bites. I haven’t bought from them yet (pricy on the delivery) but here is their site:

    Also I think “Sweet From Heaven” at the Orange Block (Calif) may sell them too. Will make a drive there this weekend to see since that’s not far from where I live.


  4. Alex Armas

    Had the origional sour coated red vines when I was a kid. Yes, they actually existed! Don’t know why they stopped makin em 🙁 Years later I found a suitable doppelgänger in snak club’s sour bites. They look just like the pic posted and were delicious! Now I can’t find them anywhere. I even called the company directly, and they could not confirm if they even made them anymore. I don’t know what’s going on with this messed up world! I’m gonna learn to make them myself and spread the wealth among the world!

  5. jessica

    where can i buy these sweets, !!!!!!! please get back to me , many thanks

    • jonnyguru

      Jessica, I’m afraid we’re all screwed here: as I mention below in an earlier comment, Bevmo has since changed their provider or recipe or both for these things, as they’re clearly not the same at all anymore. If I ever see the same ones, I’ll share the info for sure.

  6. Myfavcandyevr

    I too have been looking for these for 10-15 years to bad they changed.

  7. Name

    I’ve been looking for these for years! Best candy EVER! I feel your pain… I really do.

  8. In search for 10 years

    Okay, I obviously have way too much time on my hands, being that I’m on vaca. Well, I trying to spend some time in the kitchen without opening my dusty cook books. I want to ENJOY my time in THERE. So, I tried making some almond roca and it is actualy pretty good. Well, then I started to ponder, hmmmmm…, why not? Make MY favorite candy SOUR LICORICE BITES to bring back those memeories of stopping by the grocery store on my way to high school. I know I can’t stop by those places anymore to find them. The company doesn’t make them anymore and candy companies have obviously no brain to figure out how awesome they are! SO any ways, the point is…. i’m in search of a recipe for these babies… the soury sugary part. AHH AND ITS GOOD HEAR OTHER PEOPLE KNOW WHAT I’VE EXPERIENCED WITH THESE OH SO AWESOME LICORICE BITES!

  9. Jonny

    It’s come to my attention that Bevmo CLEARLY doesn’t care about quality control. My pop bought some of these, and they’re just not the same. they were round oval tubes with TONS of powder on them. If you look at the photo above, it’s clear that they should have ridges and a whole in the center-like Red Vines. Accept no imitations, people. And sorry for the dud, dad!

  10. Jonny

    Do it Laurie. And don’t be silly- buy 2 or 3, or you’ll be very VERY sorry. I was considering giving these an “11” but thought I should resist. GO GIANTS!

  11. Laurie

    Am now laser-beam-focused on how to work a BevMo run into this very busy day. But, man, can you say Giants Opening Night with a tub of sour licorice? I hear angels singing at the very thought. Thanks!!!

  12. matty

    Me Wanty

  13. Martha

    Those look fabulous! Did they come in any other flavors? I would like to try those in cherry and grape. There is a BevMo in Fresno, so I will be stopping in the next time I’m over thatta way.


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