Wonka Fun Dip.

Papa no-likey.

Reviewed by Jonny

October 3, 2008

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Reviewed By : Jonny

It’s 1976. I’m celebrating the Bicentennial by sitting on the roof of my elementary school (Roscomare Road School in LA, to be exact) with my bro and a few friends eating Wonka candy.
Ahh, I can feel the wind blowing in my dooofusy looking haircut now–good times…
Sweet Tarts, Fun Dip, Wacky Wafers (PLEASE bring these back! PLEASE), as well as Jolly Rancher Sticks (Watermelon, Fire, my faves) were alway my go to candy. Still are, for the most part. So when I was in my local candy store a few weeks ago, I just had to pick up a “bag” of Fun Dip to re-investigate.
The concept is great: You get two of these white paddles, and three bags of flavored powder. You suck on the paddle, dip it in a bag, it gets covered with powder, you lick it off. Repeat. Now to try it again…
Jesus. This shit is disgusting. I mean, it’s really not appetizing at ALL. I remember it as being tasty, tangy, having some unique flavor-but it isn’t and it doesn’t. The paddles are weird tasting-like an off vanilla. And the powders are just sweet sweet sweet nothingness. I love candy. And I’ll try anything. But this one I couldn’t get through.
It’s not “good”. It just isn’t. Clearly this is made for little kids, as the schtick factor is high and certainly should be a fun thing for kids to do that revolves around candy. I guarantee my 3 year old boy would dig on this (although, …there’s NO way he’s getting it. No way. Way too messy. and besides- I’m training his palette for the finer things in the candy world. That way when I’m old & sick he’ll know what to bring me) and that must be the reason this stuff still exists.
But for me? Never again.




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  1. Kathleen

    They have some sort of that over here, but it is called Sherbet Fountains and has a black licorice stick to dip with. Keith loves them.

  2. Swervie

    I think it may have been Lick-m-Aid? I remember them too and loved them at the time. Sucking down colored surage crystals though, to Jon’s point, just aint for most discerning adults no matter how immature we are…

  3. Denise Ryan

    I seem to remember a different product from back in the day – Lick a Stick – do you remember?? Maybe it was better?? Exact same concept. Geez – I’m getting old!!!

  4. greebs

    Are the flavors the same? I’m a bit disgusted by that repackaging. But I’m not suprised it’s gross – it’s literally just colored sugar. Now, go get yourself a Pixie Stix and see if you feel similarly grossed out.


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