Wiley Wallaby Australian Style Gourmet Huckleberry Licorice

Get ready for a major life incident. A turning point of trust, if you will.

Reviewed by Jonny

December 23, 2015

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But why is the name so short.  We get it – you’re Australian, that’s not a knife, this is a knife, maybe the dingo ate your baby, etc.  You’re gonna have to do better than just that if you wanna impress us with your “liquorice”.


What IS licorice?  I mean, we know, but do you?  Let’s look at the definition:

“a sweet, chewy, aromatic black substance made by evaporation from the juice of a root and used as a candy and in medicine.”

Got it.  Just so we’re all clear, this candy you’re looking at isn’t licorice.  APPARENTLY AUSTRALIANS ARE DIRTY LIARS.  I have one Aussie friend named Luke, and he’s not a liar, but that’s too small a sample size to be sure.  For now, defenses up.

Regardless, this stuff is a friend of mine’s favorite candy, so I had to check it out.


Wow.  Mesmerizing, if not wholly unnatural.  The best thing about these for me was the waft of smell that came out of the bag,  It’s EXACTLY the same smell as grape Bubblicious gum.  So excellent.  As for the flavor, I couldn’t get a firm grasp on it.  I don’t know if I’ve ever eaten a huckleberry, but I DO know that I don’t even know what a huckleberry is.  So there’s that.  The most interesting thing about these is that the smell doesn’t really match the taste-and if you can follow my logic, there’s “more” smell than there is taste.

It’s floral, pretty mild, fruity.  The candy is soft, just as you’d imagine.


I’m pretty sure you could construct a log cabin out of them, which is an awesome side bonus.  But honestly…I’m not into this kind of candy.  See how it looks when it breaks apart above? It’s just weird.  And not intense tasting, or interesting enough of a chew.  So while they’re ok-and a lot of people like them just fine-I wouldn’t buy these.


And they’re not licorice.  Ironically as well, it’s not made in Australia, but in the U.S.  It’s ok if you feel betrayed and confused, I’m right with you.


If you take anything away from this review, it should be that Australians are horrible, horrible people.


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  1. Matty

    Yeah this stuff is like old Play Doh on acid. The acid part I’m a tad unclear on though since I’m not sure if Play Doh actually TAKES acid but i’m ok with it. I do not judge.

  2. greebs

    The inside of those things look like Play-Doh. That is not appetizing.


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