Wild Berry Skittles – Why? They’re like “The Godfather Part III”


Reviewed by Jonny


November 19, 2008

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What happened in Skittles land to make this bastard creation? Seriously, it’s called over saturation, and it’s not a good thing.
I get that most people (including me) like berry flavored candy, so I suppose making a berry-only mix was logical on some levels.  But Wild Berry Skittles hold NO comparison to the original, and certainly none to my fave, Sour Skitts.
Let’s start with the name “Wild Berry”.  This makes me think that we’d get flavors like : Raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, and maybe a weirdo loganberry or something exotic like that.  But…no.  Instead, we get Raspberry (which is…blue?), Strawberry (which is…pink?  WTF?), Wild Cherry (note to Skittles: cherries aren’t berries), Berry Punch ( I LOVE it when I’m hiking and come across Berry Punch plants!) and finally Melon Berry (do I really need to comment here?).  So off the cuff, we’ve got a flavor profile problem, but…so be it.  I’m not a traditionalist, so assuming that the flavors are actually good, I wouldn’t mind their weird interpretation of what comprises a berry mix.
The real problem however lies in the way the flavors mix together in your mouth.  Individually, they’re all OK-they taste decent enough, but not one of them pops.  Nothing shouts out “HELLO!” like virtually all of the original Skitt flavors.  But when you pull a classic Skittles move and pour 5 or 6 in your mouth at a time, that’s when Wild Berry Skittles totally fall down.  Even when you mix only 2, you get this mish mash confused….”candy” flavor.  But there’s no distinct actual flavor, it’s just like eating some sort of flavored sugar.  Sure, the consistency’s there, but the flavor falls WAY short.
I wanted to like these, I really did.  But I won’t be eating them again, and I’m guessing most of America won’t as well.  Listen folks, there’s NO reason to go further than original Skittles and Sour Skittles, and I’m saying this without the benefit of even trying Chocolate Skittles, as…well,  as they just go against everything holy and right.  But really, pick up a pack of Original Skittles and let me know what you think-the flavors are great individually, and distinct and interesting when combined.
Bottom Line : Did you even SEE “Godfather III”?  Buy a pack of these Wild Berry Skittles and rent it.  Then, when you’re done cursing my name, rent the original “Godfather”, and buy a pack of OG Skittles or Sour skittles.  You’ll like me again.



Zolli Candy


  1. Ligma

    Wild berry skittles wipes the floor with original. Any flavor is better than orange or lemon LOL. Put down the crack pipe jonboy and quit trashing one of gods most beautiful creations

    • Jeff

      Agree totally with the comment! Wild Berry Skittles are the best. Stay out of this and take a hike, Jonny. Awful article!

  2. Derek

    Wild berry skittles are the best. Second place is tropical. I’m definitely commenting on this 13 years after you posted this!!!

  3. bobbie56

    Wild Berry Skittles are my favorite of the six!

  4. Candy Gurus

    I love that pic.


  5. Candy Gurus

    I love that pic.


  6. greebs


    By the way, there’s an entire post or five waiting out there about the ridiculousness of the “Blue Raspberry” concept in general. How did we sit back and accept this? There’s no such thing! Recockulous.

  7. Candy Gurus

    What a sad state of affairs. Since Sour Skitts are all time top 3 sour candies – they’re a Bar Raiser. And with a bar that high, I expect top notch bourbon, and comfortable stools, and hot babes…

    Wait. My bad.

    Wrong use of bar.

    But still.

    For me – if I go to Walgreens and they are out of OG and sour skitts, and only have purple bag skitts, I’m reaching for the ‘Bursts.


    • CDUB

      Wild berry really is trash. I don’t know anyone who gets excited to see a pile of them in real life. Seriously, we threw a huge party with tons of candy, and almost everything was gone save for piles and piles of purple Skittles bags. We try to pawn them off at work, and they still remain. Guaranteed, a red or green bag of Skittles would be snatched up in seconds.
      My 4 year old self was ecstatic to have a blue Skittle in my bag – until I tasted it. 35 years later, it’s still the same. The purple bag of Skittles can go right in the trash.


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