Wiedenbauer Hibiscus Apple Chai Hard Candies

These are made in an elf's shop under a mushroom in the Shires of Germany

Reviewed by Jonny

April 8, 2014

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Even if you’re one of those horrible, horrible people who don’t like hard candies, you’ll appreciate this.

Actually, in retrospect, you likely won’t. You’re just so FRUSTRATING sometimes! Regardless, I need to tell you about the latest superior hard candy from Germany I’ve tried. Three words: Hibiscus. Apple. Chai.



Wiedenbauer makes at least 8 varieties of these filled bonbons.  In addition to the Hibiscus Apple Chai, they also do:

Herbs With Honey

Sage Herbs

Ginger Lime & Ginger Orange

Ginger Cherry

Wild Berries


I’m lucky enough to have tried a few, and lemmee tell ya, they’re great, generally.  But being more a fan of tart/citrus, I was skeptical about the hibiscus/chai thing.


Individually wrapped, you get a very decent amount in the bag.  The thing that blew me away was how these three flavors combined and worked together.  It’s like an edgy, updated hot mulled cider.  ALl the components are understated, so no single flavor hogs the spotlight.  At first it might taste a bit confusing, but then, it all becomes clear.  It’s true that the  hibiscus is the most subtle flavor, but it’s there, and it really supports the apple chai combo well.




The best part?  After your taste buds begin to realize what’s going down, the candy begins to soften up.  Eventually, the softish chewy center comes into play, and….oh man, does it do the dance.  IT’S CALLED SYNERGY.


These, like their Ginger based Orange & Lime bonbons brothers, are amazing.  Obviously in Germany, it’s more accepted for non-geriatrics to eat hard candies, because they’re making crazy flavors like these.  Here, in ‘Merica, we don’t take chances like that.  We gotta stick to cherry, orange, lemon, and apple.  Strawberry if we’re feeling nuts, but LET’S NOT GET OUT OF CONTROL HERE, PEOPLE.


So Germans, don’t take these for granted.  Get a bag, cruise up to the pictured hillside on said side of said bag, twirl around a few times, Sound of Music-style, and enjoy life.  LIVE life, damn it.  Do it for us, we’re too busy watching reality shows about pregnant teens and cupcake making competitions.

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