Who’s Up For Some Bourbon or Guinness Beer (Marshmallows)?

Guinness beer. Makers Mark Bourbon. Shit's getting real up in here.

Reviewed by Jonny

March 7, 2013

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So I like booze.  True story.  My favorite booze is bourbon, the spicier the better.  When it comes to beer, I’m kind of a whore, but I have a short list of favorites, and Guinness (properly on tap or from the draught can only, natch) is in my top 3.  So when my homeboy Jonathan from Candy Galaxy told me he had received marshmallows flavored like both of these liquid delights, obviously I had to try : for the good of the people.



The packaging is dope, clearly.  But what’s this?  Crushed pretzels inside?  Yes, please.  When I opened the environmentally friendly box, and the plastic wrapped bundle of marshmallows inside, the scent I got wasn’t too reminiscent of Guinness, I have to say.  I got a lot more of an oatmeal/vanilla smell.  It’s a good smell, but it aint beer.



But just look at them.  Now THAT’S a marshmallow.  They’re really nice looking, about the size of a super large die, for you Dungeons & Dragons fans out there.  The taste on these is nice- definitely among the best marshmallows I’ve ever had.  But again- I didn’t get any level of Guinness flavor.  Sadly, the pretzels really tasted more like oatmeal to me (note: where the HELL is all this oatmeal coming from?  It’s not listed on the ingredients.  Hold me).  However, that doesn’t change the fact that they’re really tasty, and decidedly different.  There’s no way these wouldn’t be rad on hot chocolate.

Exhibit 2.  Ladies and germs, I give you Bourbon marshmallows:




Prominently listed in the ingredients is Makers Mark bourbon, the go-to drink for cheap bourbon loving bastards everywhere.  As soon as I opened the plastic, a waft of bourbon- nay, it was more precise than that- a waft of delicious Makers Mark poured out.



Not as fancy looking as their beer counterparts, these took the opposite approach: no frill looks, but BIG TIME accuracy of flavor.  I popped one of these in my mouth, and there was no mistaking the Makers Mark flavor.  I wouldn’t have come up with the idea myself, but it really does make sense.  For me, bourbon is all about sweet and spicy.  there has to be a balance, or it doesn’t work so well.  These contain that intense spice and bourbon flavor, along with the calming vanilla/standard marshmallow taste.  I loved these.  I was IN love with these.


But how to use them?  In a bourbon & coffee?  I suppose, if you waste your bourbon that way.  For me though, I think you have to feature these.  Eat one or two, then start sipping on your delightful drink.  Perhaps revisit a few more mid drink.  I’m quite confident it would rule.


On a side note, a few years back a few of us at work decided to do an official candy pairing test with various bourbons. The clear consensus hands-down winner?  Red Vines.  Try it and then thank me.


Anyhow, these boozy marshmallows are both special in their own ways, but for me, the bourbon ones are the variety to get for your whiskey loving friends.  Click the link below to buy from Candy Galaxy.


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  1. matty

    Not sure I want oatmeal in my coffee or hot chocolate. But I OLways want bourbon in both those drinks. I officially will eat these things.


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