Warheads QBZ Sour Chews


Reviewed by Jonny


December 6, 2008

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So, I’m super early for a business meeting this week, and..what do i do? What anyone would do?! I go to buy some new candy. After browsing the aisles for a moment, I saw these things staring out at me : Warheads QBZ Sour Chews. I haven’t had too many different Warheads products, but the one I’m familiar with isn’t my fave ( Don’t NOT click this!). Nevertheless, I picked these up- you gotta try shit, right?Fast forward to @ 10 pm that night. My ass is forming it’s groove on the couch, and out comes the bag of QBZ. And no, I’m not even going to comment on the name QBZ. I’m just too tired.On the bag, you have a sour meter that rates these things as simply “sour”. Not atomic, or ball exploding, or mild. Just sour. When you open the bag, you see 4 different colored cubes of dusty looking goodness. The flavors are green apple, strawberry, blue raspberry & watermelon. Can we PLEASE get some originality people? PLEASE? Why not Lemon, Pineapple, Plum, and Pomegranate? Huh? Just once?

So as you can see, I was already put off by the flavor choice, as well as being biased against the Warhead family. Then I took a bite or two. Pretty good, nice sour flavor, good actual flavor….not bad.

About 20 minutes later, I had almost dusted the bag off completely. I didn’t think that these were anything super special, but the flavor grew on me as I was eating them. And the fact that they’re sour, but not crazy mouth puckering sour made them easy to pop at great quantities. The really interesting thing is that flavors-yes, the ones I was pooping on a few lines above–really were good. Nothing outrageous, but the flavors, although subtle, work.

Bottom Line: On the whole grand candy scale, these probably wouldn’t rank really high, but….they’re good. Definitely worth trying, and not a bad choice if you’re bored with the uszhe.

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