Waitrose Fruit Sherbets

I’ve been interested in boiled sweets for some time now: old school UK hard candies.  The kind you’d see in an old timey candy shop back in the day, or possibly in a Harry Potter movie more recently.  Yes, Sherbet Lemons are in fact one of the most old school of the lot-but there’s tons of different types. Pineapple cubes, Cola cubes, Rhubarb & Custard, blackcurrant licorice-they’re all good.  So let’s check these out, a supermarket brand of another popular sweet: sherbet fruits.

Immediate intrigue.  I just love fruity hard candies in general, but these hold a “tongue tingling fizzy sherbet center”.  I was thinking they’d be like Zotz, which are my thing.  But they’re not.

Gorgeous little gems. I noticed pretty quickly that there was a white striping going on-which is the sherbet.

All there was left to do was taste.  And I have to say, I’m once again surprised.  Really nice fruit flavors is where you start.  But instead of waiting for an eventual fizzy center, these work differently-probably because the sherbet is slightly exposed.  You a fruity taste tinged with just a bit of efferevesance. And it stays that way the entire time. And the end, it doesn’t collapse into a chewy fizz thing-it stays hard.

It’s like a time release pill, but the fizz is the medicine.  And I LIKE that. Check out our link below-extremely reasonably priced for an import.

3 thoughts on “Waitrose Fruit Sherbets

  1. This candy is very good. I’m trying to buy more but they are very hard to find in the U.S. if someone knows where to buy these in the U.S. please respond to this comment.

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