Victoria’s Grandma Caramel Lovers

Yes, I am.  A lover.  A caramel lover, among other things.  When I got this hefty bag of caramel themed hard candies from Susie in Germany, I hoped for the best.



Very folksy.  And  odd, the combination of German & English on the bag.  But hey, we can live harmoniously together now, right?  I was so stoked once I realized these were hard candies, that I didn’t even notice that there are 3 varieties inside, not two!

cl-wrappedTo be fair, my bag came with a ton of the two varieties above, and only 2 of the other kid.  No matter though, because there’s caramel to talk about.  Let’s start with the one not pictured: Creme Brûlée flavored.  It’s nice, albeit subtle.  Very similar tasting to a Werther’s Original, but a bit more smooth cream and less salty notes.  Nice.



But the two above…man, oh man.  WOW.

The one on the left is the classic pairing of apple & caramel.  The thing I love about these is that it’s not the typical green apple & caramel-which admittedly is amazing.  But in this case, they use that classic crisp red apple flavor with the caramel, and it’s masterful.  Sweet, just a hint of tartness, and the surrounding layer of caramel…I could eat these all day.  I did.


The one on the right is a bit more complex.  The flavor is mint with caramel, and it certainly has both of those notes, done extremely well.  As I was eating one the other night though, I realized that it tastes exactly like-and I mean EXACTLY like- Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.  If you’ve never had Breyers-it’s my favorite brand of ice cream, all the way from the home town in Philly.  Regardless, just think of the best mint chocolate chip ice cream you’ve had, and that’s the flavor.  A smashing success for me, it’s perfect.

I love the care that this company took with these candies.  They’re so tasty, and so unique…definitely worth buying.  I did a little poking around, and it seems they make other varieties, so I’ll be doing my best to acquire those as well, and of course, share the sugary magic with y’all.  Thanks Suze!



5 thoughts on “Victoria’s Grandma Caramel Lovers

  1. No need to search around – will make sure to get hold of the other varieties. By the way – more novelties are on their way. ..

  2. I came across these today and found your post by Googling them. They are very tasty and old-fashionedy, my fav. The mint ones sort of reminded me of MacIntosh candies.

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