UK Sweets – I’d like to DIP my BALLS in it! – Fizzy Balls, that is..

Fizzy. Balls. 'Nuff said.

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Jonny | Sour | UK

April 14, 2009


Oh, UK. What CAN’T you create? Do you exist solely to toy with me and my feelings? To tempt me with sweets I can’t buy myself? Or are you simply my muse, my reminder of perfection, complete with the understanding you’re emotionally unavailable??!!

Next in our series of UK Sweets are Watermelon & Green Apple Fizzy Balls. The best way to describe these is like this: take a ZOTS (review here), and make the outside candy that holds the fizzy powder inside sour as well. Sour on sour action. Hot, sexy sour on sour action. In addition to just being sour, the flavors are really nice, very strong representations of the actual fruit. Good times.

This is the bag of candy from Kathleen’s UK Sweets bag that went first. No one who tried these didn’t love them. Even my wife, Mrs. G, ate some of these, and she’s not a sour candy person (I know, I’m still trying to train her).

There’s not a lot to be said about these-they’re just plain excellent. Definitely a go-to sour candy. If you like Zots, then you’ll definitely dig these. How can you dig them if you can’t get them? Frustrated from the scores of UK candy stores online that don’t ship to the states (or charge SIXTY FIVE POUNDS (UK) to ship one pound!!!) I had to take my search to the streets. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

You can find these, as well as lemon, orange, and raspberry fizzy balls on ebay. Everyone who sells them is over the pond, but I found a couple Ebay stores that head reasonable shipping. If you decide that you want to hunt some of these down, start on Ebay.

Bottom Line : Can’t talk, sucking on balls.

Would I Buy These Again? : You can bet your ass I’ll have a 5 flavor variety waiting for me in the mail next week.



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  1. d j / s p l i t

    Denise, as you can see, I’m starting to take my own photos. I actually disagree with Matty on the WHAM bar, so when I review one, I’ll snap some pix.


  2. Denise Ryan

    Wow – I think this is a true work of candy porn. You guys have taken things to a whole new level!!! Now we all want to try these and can’t get them. Sadists.

  3. Candy Gurus




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