Twix Unwrapped Bites

Everybody, all together, shout towards the sky, "TWIXXXXXXXXXXXXX!"

Reviewed by Jonny

June 23, 2014


Point your head up towards the heavens, and join me George Costanza-style in screaming, “TWIXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!”


Undoubtably one of the best widely available candies here in ‘Merica, it’s literally offensive that we haven’t reviewed them on Candy Gurus yet.  Today we make things right, but in a portable, bite sized way.  People?  I give you Twix Bites.  “Sharing Size”.


Making bags of unwrapped bite sized pieces of candy was novel 2 years ago.  Now?  It’s mandatory for the big boy candy companies, apparently.  Every “Halloween Candy” as I call them are available in different sized bags, unwrapped.  Clearly, this is beneficial for the candy makers-no labor or materials needed to wrap the pieces, throw them in a bigger bag, make more money.  But is it beneficial to us?  That’s the question I keep coming back to on this hot-button issue.


I have to hand it to Mars regarding the bite sized conversion of these candies,-they did this one right.  The pieces are definitely the perfect bite-JUST a bit larger than a small bite.  More specifically though, regarding the amount of cookie/caramel to chocolate ratio, they nailed it.  You simply can’t tell that you’re not taking a bite out of an actual Twix bar.  Kudos to them, because it hasn’t worked so well on some other candies (see: Butterfingers Bites, Heath Bar Bites).



So here’s what we know:  we know these are legit as far as taste, mouthfeel and consistency goes (you can see in the above picture on the far left that two are stuck together.  Fear not.  My sister in law stumbled on one of those love clumps and declared it the Holy Grail of the bag.  So that’s nice.)  We also know that you get quite a few in the sharing size bag, almost 3 ounces.


What I still don’t know is why I’d buy these.  I’m certainly not disparaging them-I just don’t understand the point.  Are they for people trying to stick to portion control?  No.  How does having a big with MORE little love bites teasing you from the panty help you in any way?  Certainly, just having half of a Twix Bar (meaning, on full bar) is an easy portion control method.  So I’m not buying that theory.

Is it value?  In that the price per ounce is less than the bars?  Could be, but if someone is eating so much Twix that they need to shave 4 cents off their Twix per ounce price….then they got some ‘splaining to do.

Or, and this is my best guess, it’s for the road trips, the long commutes, the situations where you’re trapped in a car with a shit ton of kids or co- workers and friends, and this is an easy way to pass around a sweet snack?  This I could see.  One bag, neater, no snapping bars in half.  In any case, I’d like to hear your ideas, because frankly, the entire bite-sized unwrapped craze is a bit confusing and off-putting to me.  It just reeks of Americana over the top “more is  more” mentality-and for SURE, this trend is making people fatter.  Let’s not pretend it’s not.

But at the end of the day, Twix are DAMN good, and these bites are no exception.  The next time you go on that weekend retreat with your friends and their wanker kids, pick up a bag and shut them all up for 5 minutes.


*Ordinarily, I’d put a purchase link at the bottom, but these are readily available in most major grocery stores at way better price than you’ll find online, where you have to buy a whole box of them.  And….you know how I feel about overconsumption-it’s fine as long as it’s me doing it.  Not you guys.  Stay healthy.  Stay Gold. Ok FINE. Here you go:

Zolli Candy

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  1. coddman

    These are now available in Canada, in the same bag design with almost the same name: Twix Bites. In Canada, they omitted the “unwrapped” appendix, just in case Canadians were smart enough to assume that each bite was not individually wrapped (we’re not). Absurdly, they are only available in a gigantic eight ounce package, compared to the American 2.83 ounce version. They taste like what they sound like, a bite of a Twix bar. Should you buy them? Yes. Once. But after that, just eat the Twix bars we’ve always known and loved on both sides of the border.


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