Twix Coconut, Please! And…Hold The Coconut?

I’m not happy. What the hell is going on with all these candy companies making coconut flavored candies (a good thing) and then not putting COCONUT IN THEM (not so great)??!!

Who’s piloting this ship? Is it really that expensive? I can get a 2 pound bag of sweetened shredded coconut at Safeway for 2 bucks. It’s not that difficult.

I’ll try to contain myself for the remainder of this review, but this pushes my buttons. I LOVE coconut. It’s been my jam for 30 + years, and just when I think our candy purveyors are wising up, they’re failing. Epic fails. Coconut M&M’s, Coconut Dove chocolate, and now, Coconut Twix all miss the mark.

Here’s the thing: Twix are in my top 5 candy bars for sure. Always have been. The concept of adding gritty, sweet, earthy coconut to them popped a vein for me, so needless to say, I was looking forward to my eating campaign. The good news is that these are much more successful than the M&Ms and Dove, which are foul.  Those two candies only used coconut oil, which produced an  over perfumed coconut “taste”.  This one tastes like…a Twix. It’s like eating a Twix that someone unwrapped in the same room that someone else was shredding coconut in-it almost tastes a bit coconut-like, but ultimately doesn’t.

Is this a bad thing? Hell yes it is. They missed such a fantastic opportunity, somewhere angels are crying. Why are people making coconut candy if they don’t want to put coconut in it? Here’s an idea if it’s too expensive: don’t do it. Or even better, DO DO it (tee hee!) and raise the price by a nickel. Or best yet, make the damn bar, keep the price the same, and see if it catches on.

They integrated the coconut into the caramel with “coconut flavored caramel”. Why anyone would take this route is beyond me. All I can tell you is that while these aren’t bad (they taste like a normal Twix for the love of St. Pete!), there’s certainly no reason to pursue them.

It’s just another disappointment in the candy trajectory of my life. By the way, that’s the name of my auto biography, available in the Kindle Store® for download in the near future.




5 thoughts on “Twix Coconut, Please! And…Hold The Coconut?

  1. I read this in a meeting to myself and the “somewhere angels are crying” phrase made me litlol which halted the mtg and I couldn’t say “oh i was reading a candy review – it’s hilarious” because then they’d know I was shirking and I’m heading up so many projects right now it doesn’t look good when project dude isn’t paying attention.

    Anyway – to laugh.

  2. I don’t buy the expensive excuse… I think Almond Joy & Mounds have it worked out.

    I think coconut is a pain to work with. You have the cookie base, layer of caramel and it’s all enrobed in chocolate. Shaved coconut would be messy! You could really only add coconut to the caramel layer cause the cookie isn’t tacky. The chocolate enrober would also get filled with shavings which would slow production and add equipment costs. If the production line is shared, you’d have to clean it insanely well. It sounds like a nightmare to deal with when the alternative is simply addidng some flavoring and calling it a day… sure you’ll piss off some candy bloggers but they are picky bastards anyway.

    My thought is that you should do it right, or don’t do it at all….why mess with a legendary candy?

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