Trolli Watschel – DUCKS THAT CAN STAND!!

More marshmallow? WHY??! DAMN IT WHY??? But….they're so cute, how can I stay mad at them??!?

Reviewed by Jonny

March 12, 2014


Billed as “Ducks who can stand!”



I got these from my friend Suze in Germany.  Now, …I realize that it must be tough for y’all to keep hearing about Suzy for 2 reasons:

1.  It reminds you how you, specifically, aren’t doing all that you could for the Candy Gurus, and you’re shamed.

2. Every single time I review something from Germany, it only comes from one person-her.


So..going forward, we can just safely assume that whenever I review anything German, you know who it’s from.  A final note on Suze-she’s beyond awesome.  Not only does she continuously send me cool stuff to try, but when she finds something SHE’S ALREADY SENT that I loved, she tries to find more!  And Matty, before you start bitching, just remember: only people who actually WRITE reviews for Candy Gurus get the spoils (see what I did there?)

Back to the ducks.  Marshmallow ducks, sadly.



They’re cute!  But let’s get one thing out of the way now-they don’t stand so well.  So on the chance that you bought these only to make a diorama of standing ducks, you might be out of luck.  However….they’re delicious.

I really don’t like marshmallow candy, but what I’m learning (slowly) is that marshmallow candy from Europe aint like the crap we have here.  There’s literally nothing about it that tastes similar.  Also, the consistency is totally different.  These are..sproingy, but in no way do they dissolve in your mouth like a grainy US marshmallow.  The constency is somewhat similar, but thicker, chewier, tougher.



I thought these were lemon.  They’re not.  Apparently they’re pineapple and tutti-frutti.  Honestly I couldn’t taste a big difference between the yellow and white ones, but I really enjoyed them.  As you can see, the feet and bill are classic gummy material.  They’re big-definitely a two-biter.

The takeaway is that they deliver outstanding tangy flavor, and a really satisfying chew.  Honestly I’m starting to wonder if these even ARE marshmallow-it’s quite possible that I’ve just been (incorrectly) referencing them as such.  They could be made of dreams and puppy hair.

You can actually get these on Amazon, and by clicking the link below.  Don’t let the look of marshmallow dissuade you-these are a big boy gummy, and something you’ll run out of quickly.

Zolli Candy

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