Trolli Sierra Cruz : No Seals Were Killed Making These

You think the kids who make your Nikes have tough conditions?

Reviewed by Jonny

September 14, 2012


Actually…I don’t know that for sure. But I do know that these are billed clearly on the bag as “fair trade”. I didn’t realize that the candy business was so similar to the diamond trade, and that people were dying trying to bring sweet goodness to my table.


I have to admit that I wasn’t too excited when I first got these from my pal Susie.  They appeared to be your industry standard “gummy on top, foam on the bottom” thing.  Generally speaking…those usually taste kinda samey to me.


However…the flavors that these bring are outstanding & different–very unique.   After scouring the web, I found out that the flavors are lemon, raspberry, tangerine & yuzu.  Yuzu?  Whoah.  Old school fruit native to China, like a shriveled grapefruit/orange/lemon kinda thing.  Sign me up!  Another nice aspect?   The foam on these was smoother, and less “foamy” than most others I’ve tasted.  Truly delish.  Overall, very soft, which I usually don’t love, but…this isn’t a usual candy, is it?


But what does “fair trade” really mean in the candy world?  According to Trolli’s website, it means this:


TROLLI + Fair Trade = innovative fruit gum! As an innovator, bringing the first Trolli fruit jelly with Fairtrade labeling on the market. The fruit gums not only tastes exceptionally good, but even when you can purchase one by one and simply change a little the world.


Ahh, google translate.  Never misses a beat, does it?


What it really means is that these are made with fair-trade  sugar.  That’s it.  So you can feel good-nay….great-about shoving these down your pie hole, cause you’ll know that the sugar didn’t come from slave labor.


It’s gonna take a trip to Germany to get these though, so save up your gelt.  Definitely worth buying if you ever see them, if of no other reason than to taste yuzu gummies.  It’s worth noting that these are made with no artificial flavors (you can taste that) or colors.  Yum!

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