Trolli Lakritz Mix

These had a lot going for them: mostly anticipation

Reviewed by Jonny

March 23, 2018


I did this horrible thing recently where I went two weeks without any sugar.

I allowed myself fruit, but aside from that, no ice cream, cookies, delicous orange/cranberry bread that my wife might have baked, and worst of all….no candy. It was hard, friends. Really hard. But, …I did it.

During that time, we were sent yet another care package from our favorite lady, and in it, I gazed upon these:

Literal mouth water.  Seriously, my mouth started watering-it wasn’t a proud moment.  Cut to the next night, circa 12:45 am in bed, wondering if I just opened up this bag and snuck 3 or 4, if that would officially be cheating.  I wanted-NAY.  I needed these. But I waited.  This last Sunday the torture was over, and I busted the bag open for photos. The bag claims that they’re “typical spicy and extra soft”.  At this point I really didn’t care.

Oh…there’s shapes alright.  We got large smily faces, small ones.  Something that appears to be dukey, a braided thing, and some sort of King-like totem.  Finally there’s this super bizarre quasi-human figure that’s sort of half human centipede and half Slenderman.

I decided to go with Slenderman first.  The consistency and flavor were immediately recognizable: this is the variety of licorice that’s typical from Europe, but not edgy in any way.  They claim “typical Spicy”-whatever the means.  But there’s no spice.  There’s also no salt at all, at least none that I could place.  I’d say the main flavor note is molasses, which unfortunately isn’t my thing with regards to licorice.

Come to think of it, it’s not my thing for anything.

But this isn’t to say that this mix isn’t good: au contraire.  This is actually quite a good “safe” starter licorice mix.  I’d hold off on calling it a mix actually, because all the pieces taste the same, they’re just different shapes.  But it’s a non offensive middle of the road licorice.

Do you need to pay imported candy money for this kind of thing?  Probably not.  There’s definitely cheaper options out there, but I suppose it’s possible that this is somebody’s fave.  We have a purchase link below, but I’d recommend that you guys check out some more adventurous licorice.  I’ll put a few of those links right underneath this one, and you can control your own destiny.




These are AMAZING and relatively cheap:

These I recently reviewed as the “best all around every day licorice”:

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