Trolli Dino Rex

Hey it’s a dinosaur. Yay?

Reviewed by Jonny

June 19, 2018


Just in time for the latest iteration of Jurassic Park movies because everyone cares so much, we’re rolling out Trolli’s Dino Rex candies!

This is actually the second bag of these sent to us from our pal, and the experience couldn’t have been more different between the two bags. Both are clear winners, but consistency wise, they were a mile off.

First, these aren’t gummies. They’re fruit jellies, which of course means it’s not a chewy sproingy traditional gummy bear experience. Jellies can range from ultra silky soft and fresh to stale AF, incredibly chewy yet still not in a gummy way. I like ‘em all.


The first bag we got was supes stale. Like…so stale a normal person would have been put off, but me…I had found mecca. Delicious sour flavor with an intriguing challenging chew? Yeah, sign me up.


But then we got another bag, and these were completely fresh. Soft, moist, and some were even falling apart they were so delicate. Flavor wise of course they were the same, but the experience was different.

I can’t see anyone who likes sour anything not enjoying these.

This is yet another quality offering from Trolli Germany, while Trolli USA sucks ass. Why would they make all this deliciousness and choose NOT to sell them to us idiots over here in the states? Why would they choose their terrible gummy worms as their flagship product?


Why are there five Jurassic Park movies?

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