Trolli Bunte Kuh (Brindled Cow)

A Bridnled Cow is a cow that exhibits a tiger stripe-like pattern on their fur. Remember this for later.

Reviewed by Jonny

September 18, 2015


Oh Trolli.  Always making the weird stuff, aren’t ya?  So much so, that this isn’t even close to your first cow themed candy.  But that makes you special, and we love you for your bizarro ideas.  The candies though?  That remains to be seen.


A Brindled cow refers simply to their coat-which is sort of tiger striped.  Brindle is a pattern.  So….I’m not sure what the disconnect is, but I don’t get at all how these are supposed to be Brindle cows.  Or, as proven before, is Trolli so weird that they’d name a candy thusly, then have said candy be shaped only like the cow’s head, therefore not NEEDING to have the Brindle pattern on it, as the pattern is relegated only to their bodies?  These are the kind of questions that haunt me, late at night, when I’m cowering in the corner of my walk in closet, afraid of the inevitable future that awaits us all.

But back to candy!




Cow heads.  And they’re kinda cool looking.


Clearly, they’re angry cows.  Also, they’e gelatin free, so the veggies among us can partake in them.  Having said that, I’m not sure that you’ll want to.  These appear to be a marshmallow foam candy, but the actual texture is just a bit different. Creamier.  I assumed the gummy looking horns & nose would be hard and provide some contrast to the soft body, but I didn’t really get that-at all.  The flavors are pretty good: lemon, blood orange, strawberry, lime and cherry.  Apparently there’s a fifth cow head that didn’t come in my pack.



Honestly, it’s not that these are too weird, they’re just not quite tasty enough for me.  I’ve slightly warmed up to the marshmallow thing, but this one…just doesn’t work for me.  Points though, for the intentionally confusing Brindled reference, Trolli,

Zolli Candy


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