Trader Joes Super Sour Scandinavian Swimmers

Impulse buys sometimes are rad.

Reviewed by Jonny

January 22, 2021


TJ’s had a non sour version of these I tried a few years ago, and I was like “meh”. Because as y’all know, I’m a HUGE fan of real Scandinavian candy, in fact, with all apologies to Germany and the UK, Swedish candy is my #1. Yeah. I said it.

So when I had those OG Scando Swimmers, they tasted like decent fruit jellies (they’re not gummies). But they also had tree nut allergy warnings (which was concerning, because almost NO Scandinavain candies do), so they didn’t enter my house, or my cart ever again.

These are different, and hold no major allergen warnings, so why the hell not? I acquired.

I’m feeling the green bag. More importantly though…I really liked these!

I see a starfish, a sorta dolphin, and then two blobs

The sour level is nice, but super sour? Nope. Good sour. Consistency-wise, being a fruit jelly, they’re fun to suck on. Also, while the flavors aren’t super easy to discern, they’re all good. But for those that crave knowledge, the flavors are: red berry (starfish), huckleberry (dolphin), orange (tang fish), and strawberry (clam shell). Lol clam shell.

I also appreciate how these are naturally colored and flavored, which is in line with almost all Scandinavian candies. In addition to it just being better for you and generally tasting better, it also means that these things won’t stay the same for 7 years after you open it, unlike a starburst. These firm up and get even more interesting to eat after they’ve been exposed to oxidization.

Listen, these aren’t life changing. But they’re tasty, they’re sour, and they’re cheap-plus they’re sitting there staring at you in line at TJ’s, making it super easy to acquire. So I say do that, and get your Scandinavian candy starter kit. From there, you move up to the hard stuff.

Zolli Candy


  1. Lauren

    Love the review my kids will love these

  2. Tucker Smith

    goooood review cant wait to push my way to trader joes and shove those swimmers down my thick throat. As I suck on those swimmers I begin to salivate on the ground

  3. hibah

    good review


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