Toxic Waste candy packages

Toxic Waste – I’m ashamed of myself

We finally review Toxic Waste candy. Next up: Snickers!

Reviewed by Jonny

November 20, 2023


What the hell kind of candy reviewer am I if I haven’t ever even tried Toxic Waste candy. Ya know the one? The kind that comes in the radioactive barrel?

The question of what the “most sour candy is” comes up all the time online, and there’s some stock answers: Bassett’s Megasours (UK), Warheads, Sour Skittles, and Toxic Waste. So here I am.

Toxic Waste individual candies and one lone piece unwrapped.

First, I should state, that I think Warheads are shite. I love hard candies, but those things are sour and then not sour at all, and you’re left with an uninteresting sweet hard candy with bad flavor. No thanks. So part of me assumed these Toxic Waste individually wrapped candies would be identical, but … they’re not! Thankfully.

The plastic barrel is stuffed full of these round morsels, which come in various flavors, including new mystery flavor, which I couldn’t identify. I won’t go into all the flavors, but the apple – which I just threw in my mouth – is kinda tasty. And it’s sour-esque; nothing earth shattering, but it’s nice. I can feel the sour giving way to mild tartness, but that’s not an issue for me. I like it. And just when I get down to the end of the experience, I discover sour powder inside, which gives a solid secondary sour burst. Good on them.

So yeah, I kinda like these. Not super great, not super distinct, but a fine, solid sour candy.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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