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Tootsie Pop Limited Edition Flavor : Caramel


I love tootsie pops.  Especially the grape and orange.  But I LOVE caramel, so when I saw this bag while Halloween candy shopping (#myfavoritething), I had to buy it.  In fact, I’m eating one right now.

Once you open the bag, they really don’t look like anything special.

But Tootsie Pops have a way of being visually underwhelming, so I wasn’t bothered by the odd brownish reddish wrapping.  Sadly however, these don’t achieve what they’re going for.  Yes, they have a caramel flavor to them, but you know that “chocolate” taste Tootsie Pops have?  Their version of caramel is half caramel, half Tootsie chocolate.  I was hoping for deep caramel, maybe with a salty note, like Werther’s Originals.  These aren’t even in the same ballpark.


Don’t get me wrong, these are tasty, but…honestly, I’d rather have a fruit flavored Tootsie Pop.  As a side note, their new flavors like lemon lime, pomegranate & strawberry are excellent.  The limited edition caramel though?  Best to stay limited.  I was pretty disappointed.

However, if you’re a Tootsie Pop completist or just a caramel nut, you can pick these up from our friends at Candyfavorites.com.  Use the link below to purchase, just don’t expect too much.  Remember, when in doubt, go grape.  OLways.


  1. I tried them and actually really dug them, but I am a caramel enthusiast and this doesn’t stick in my poor, long suffering teeth.


  2. I love caramel. I want more caramel. I want grape caramel.

  3. grape cottoncandy yum!

  4. love candy any kind atuale

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