Toms Heksehyl Heksen Drops Licorice

I'm basically in on anything with Halloween imagery, so this just suits me. But ya know what? They're damn tasty.

Reviewed by Jonny

January 20, 2015


Today we’re going to do a short & review of a new (to me) licorice that’s…short & sweet!



Most badass packing ever?  Possibly.  But how’s the lic?  How’s the rish?

toms-openOn first look to me, I suspected these were quite salty: not so-on the coating.  That’s (seemingly) just sugar, which I find a bit odd, but hey, whatever.  When you start chewing, the full scope of the flavor kicks in, and it’s an interesting profile.


First we get that traditional licorice taste, and then another dominant flavor trickles in, which I can only liken to molasses, or perhaps caramel.  Finally, that salt I mentioned does it’s job, and really rounds out the flavor.  I can’t say I’m a giant fan of the molasses center-but don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely tasty.  It kind of dominates the flavor a bit, albeit in an interesting way.


These are soft, and the bag includes quite a few.  I got these from the fine people at Licorice have errr damn thing, seriously.  If you’re a self respecting licorice fan, or like me, a self deprecating licorice fan, you need to grab a few different kinds of licorice from them.  And include these, cause ya know what?  They’re growing on me as I nibble upon them for this review.




Zolli Candy


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