Cost Plus’ Sea Salt Dark Chocolate: Tiger Woods vs. Salty Chocolate

The best chocolate bar EVER?

Reviewed by Scotty

January 25, 2010


Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

Cost Plus World Market’s All Natural Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

Chocolate has been around pretty much forever – possibly as early as 1400 BC. It has its own myths – like it’s bad for your teeth, it’s an aphrodisiac, causes acne and is loaded with caffeine.

(If I were food I could only hope that there were myths about me. Hey – did you hear?  Scott’s an aphrodisiac. Yeah baby.)

Truth is chocolate can be deadly to dogs, cats, horses and parrots. The health benefits to humans though seem numerous and varied – it appears to be an anticancer; it helps the circulatory system, it’s an antioxidant, an anti-diarrheal (…) and possibly a mental state “enhancer.” Dark chocolate is known to reduce the risk of heart attack, according to the Journal of Internal Medicine (September 2009 – says Wikipedia). I personally think it probably cures depression – at least for a little while.

But don’t eat too much – apparently if you do, you’re gonna be a fatty.

Simply put, when something is good – it’s good. Well, these candy bars are good, Really good. I’ve tested the Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt bars from Cost Plus World Market on about a dozen of my friends and family. All but my wife loves them but she’s a milk chocolate freak. I think Jonny said it was the best chocolate bar he ever had. Others agree, some not as strongly but survey says these are a winner. And by the way, chalk up another success for Cost Plus. The only negative is that you can’t by their candy online.


The Chocolate with Sea Salt bars are 64% Cacao, bittersweet dark chocolate mixed with substantially-sized-yet-sparsely-scattered sea salt. The salty finish is a perfect contrast to the slightly bitter chocolate. The size of the sea salt nuggets bring a textural layer of experience to this bar without dominating. The bar is slightly crunchy and the flavor lingers longer than a plain chocolate bar.

Throughout my life, there have been certain things that I continually go back to. I’m not talking about the Yankees, Led Zeppelin, Yoga, and of course my good friends or family. These are always an integral part of my everyday life. I’m speaking of things that consciously or not I have left, but then return to somewhat regularly — a great pair of slippers or a sweater, Sudoku on my iPhone, Sushi, and of course Tiger Woods Golf (think of him as you may…but he could molest a goat and I’m still not giving up his video games).

Don’t get me wrong-I’m not scarfing these bars down by the dozen, but after that first bite I knew these were a keeper – I’m in for the long haul.

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  1. Laura

    I love this bar and I’m not a huge dark chocolate fan. This tastes amazing with a good red wine as well.

  2. crestere

    you have a way with words….definetly gonna try it out 🙂

  3. Scotty

    Dude, he loves that shit.

  4. Matty

    Is your boyfriend Tiger a fan of dark chocolate?



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