Tic Tac Papaya Lime Summer Edition

Tic Tacs are the red headed step child of the grocery candy store aisle. It's time to recognize!

Reviewed by Jonny

September 7, 2012

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Ever seen anything like this?



Me neither.  Here’s the bad news: they taste even better than you might imagine.  Mild papaya mixed with tangy lime-delightful!


Keeping in line with Tic Tac’s tradition of not actually being mints, these are just tiny little slightly hard yet kind of soft candies that taste great.  Of course, we can’t buy them.  Relegated only to the rest of the world where apparently people have better taste, these beauties are impossible to find around these parts.


When I was a kid there was white peppermint and orange.  And you were LUCK Y if you got a box of orange.  Who knew they made so many flavors?


Anyone have any other weird varieties of Tic Tacs that they want to share?

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  1. candyobserver

    MMM, in Spain we only have mint, strawberry and sometimes lime, but not more. Guess I need to try this ones, I love papaya’s. 😉


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