Tic Tac Mango-Guava & Mint-Guarana

This is the kind of dream flavor combo that has to be dreamed up over Caipirinhas and Churrasco.

Reviewed by Jonny

August 1, 2014

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Fresh off the boat, just in time to be late for World Cup action!



I have no way of knowing for sure if this limited edition  were made in honor of Brazil hosting the ’14 World Cup, but it sure looks like it, doesn’t it?  That babe on the left certainly looks like a Brasileira.  Look how happy and celebratory they both are!

Usually with Tic Tac varieties, it’s some hodgepodge of their standard flavors, maybe getting a little crazy with Guava.  Or, it’s a mint flavor.  This variety is super intriguing to me, because it combines both.  Add to that the “natural” Brazillian energy source Guarana, and….they next level big time-at least in theory.


Pretty darn nice looking.  Just a good color combo in general.  Huzzah, Brazil!  The yellow ones are the mango-guava flavor, and the green is mint-Guarana.  I tried the yellow first, and although the actual flavors I was experiencing were a bit tough to determine, I got some mango in there, and generally, it tasted nice, tropical, good.  Then I popped a few green ones in.  Whoah.


Ummm…whoah.  I have no idea if their version of Guarana is accurately flavored, because the mint took my head off.  What the hell was going on?  Had I just woken up and not had coffee yet?  Gotten an off batch?  Entered the decidedly fucked up third level of “Inception”?  It was very unclear.

I waited a bit, and then took two of each color and slammed them into my noise maker.  At first I tried to suck and not bite, but the flavor wasn’t forthcoming enough.  So I bit, and….mint explosion!  That’s the only thing I could taste: mint with a side of mint, followed by a huge mint finish.


For a candy with-in theory-four distinct flavors in its arsenal, this is a disappointment.  If I wanted mint, I’ll buy the classic Wintergreen box, thank you very much.  Instead, I get a hint of promise cloaked by Mr. Mint.  A very STRONG dude, Mr. Mint.


So these are a fail.  Although you’ll likely never have the chance to buy them, I say start a protest anyhow and purposefully LOOK for them at the store with the intention of not buying them.  That’ll show ’em.

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