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Tic Tac Dreams: Costa Rica & Brasil


Just a quick showing of yet more Tic Tac varieties that don’t often make their way to our shores.  The “Dreams” series, Costa Rica & Brasil.





Brasil’s flavor is mango, something I have seen before in a few Tic Tac mixes.  It’s a very good flavor, appropriately complex & tangy.




Costa Rica though, their flavor was new for me in the Tic Tac world: pineapple.  Man, is it good!  Bursting with oddly authentic tasting flavor, just a bit of tang, and a great finish, I loved these things!


Also, I learned that Ananas means pineapple in French.  French, you say?  Yes, French.  And no, they don’t speak French in Costa Rica, they of course speak Spanish.  And they’re made in Germany.


Making sense to you yet?

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  1. Actually, ananas is pineapple in German as well. Since they’re made in Germany, I’m pretty sure that’s why the label says “ananas.” 🙂

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