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It was a tragic day....bears went missing....mistakes were made. Then we ate them.

Reviewed by Jonny

December 11, 2015


Another indie candy maker we discovered on is The Organic Candy Factory.  Name sort of says it all, doesn’t it?  They sent us a variety of their take on gummies, as well as some chocolate treats we’ll get into later.  This is how their gummies are packaged:IMG_5784 IMG_5786

Something I really like as a dad of a kid with food allergies is their clear notation of being Tree Nut-free.  Having said that, since it says “Nut Free” right before it, I’d assume that included tree nuts-but on a serious note, the more information the better when it comes to allergies, so good on them.

These gummies look like your standard bears & worms upon opening the bags:

IMG_5789 IMG_5787

But they’re not.  In fact, if you want to get technical, I’m not even sure I consider these gummies.  They have a much softer consistency that is way closer to a fruit jelly than a gummy.  But that’s just a detail: they’re very tasty.  I road tested these at work, and across the board, people love these, especially the worms.  My theory on that is that the worms are just bigger, and my co-workers are pigs.  These are really juicy, and if you like jelly gummies, I’m not sure how you could go wrong with these.  If you’re expecting a Haribo-esque chew, you won’t find it.

They also throw these little cubs as they call them into chocolate bars: and that’s where things get interesting.




Love the Wonka golden ticket look here.IMG_5795

Looks pretty normal at first….IMG_5796 Then it’s all WAITER, THERE’S A BEAR IN MY CHOCOLATE!


It’s truly kind of sad and hilarious looking.  It appears as if several bear friends lost their way home, and got stuck in quicksand chocolate and are now, sadly, deceased.  They’re dead.   The good news is that this is a really yummy bar.  The fact that the gummies have more of a soft jelly consistency really helps them pair better with chocolate. A tough gummy is a bit weird to eat with chocolate-but the softer jelly nature of these is a natural fit.  It’s very easy to think of it as a semi-distorted version of a dark chocolate bar with chunks of fruit in it.  The only problem is that if you’re not strategic with your bite, you  might not snag a cub-so be on point, people.  Be ready to work.


These products are really good, and the fact that they’re SO natural and free of extraneous crap is always a plus.  Click the link below and pick up some of this stuff-you’ll be helping out the little guys, which is another plus.  Just don’t get too stuck on the fact that there’s SEVERAL DEAD BEARS IN YOUR FOOD.

Zolli Candy


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