Barnett's Mega Sour Fruits fizzbombs package

Are these Barnett’s officially the MOST sour of all the sour candies?

Sour is what sour does

Reviewed by Jonny

February 3, 2023


Ahh yes, the age old question of what’s the most sour candy. Newbies will say “Toxic Waste!” or “Warheads!”, but they’re just not in the know — don’t blame their gentle hearts. Sometimes to find the King’s cup, you have to look outside the U.S. Actually, you always do.

If you’re on the candy subreddit, you’re aware of just how often people ask this same question. The thing is…the answer ALWAYS comes around (after a few other suggestions of course) to these: Barnett’s Mega Sour Fizz Bombs.

For whatever reason, I’ve had the Fizz Bombs in my Amazon cart for like three years. But this holiday season, when the what’s the most sour candy question? came up again, and once again my fellow candy freaks were going on and on about these things … how they’ll rip the shit out of your tongue if you have too many, etc… I decided that fine, YES I’ll pay for what’s in my cart. And a month or so later, here we are.

Barnett's Fizz Bombs in all their sour glory

There are four flavors: Yellow, orange, green and red. I’m using their colors because honestly, I have no clue what the flavors are.

I’ve only tried yellow so far and it was a whirlwind. But just for you guys, I’m popping one in my mouth right now, let’s go with green. This will be a sort of livestream. Only with words. And not live at all.

Mmm. Sour. REALLY sour — the yellow one was overwhelming, I had to take it out, but this one..I’m hanging in there. The sour keeps going, at least for a while. But like all other sour hard candies…you can feel that moment where you can see daylight. About a minute or two later, and it’s barely sour. I think the flavor is lime, not green apple on this. Nice.

Pretty soon, the Zots-like sour powder inside is unleashed. But that’s a gentle storm, nothing crazy about that.

The yellow one really was impressive sour-wise, but this green one, while delicious, wasn’t nearly as sour for me. The sour fizz is a nice bonus sour jaunt though. I have to say, I like these candies. I tried an orange one as well and hot damn if it wasn’t delicious. Sour orange is delightful.

A closer look at teh 4 main colors...uh flavors of sour candy from Barnett's

But are they the MOST sour? I mean…probably. I’ve argued in the past that Nobel Sour Cola and Lemon are the most sour, but these top them slightly. I guess what I’m saying is that you might not NEED to order these Barnett’s from across the pond to find the holy grail, but…if you do you’ll enjoy them. Click here for the goods.

Does anyone have a suggestion for something SUPER sour? If so please comment below, we wanna make sure we’ve ripped the last shreds of our tongues out.


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  1. K Strickland

    I’m really not looking to destroy my tounge, but really looking for a start to finish. Bought barrettes hard candy from across the pond. It was so tart at first, knowing its actual flavor was impossible. After that, it tasted like chemicals..

  2. HD

    If a candy is only sour as long as the outer coating exists – definitely not the most sour. Swedish candy has the most sour candy, by far. And they don’t only make the outside sour.

    • Kenna

      Care to name the best ones that are more sour?

  3. mikeuk

    toxic waste do a gel candy now which is a pretty wild ride. But if these barnetts srill leave you wanting more pain… i think you might have reached the end of that particular road

  4. Lydia Daley

    Hats off to you, these things are hands down the most sour thing I believe it’s possible to consume! I didn’t even get that far, I had to remove it from my mouth and the next day my tongue began to shed.


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