Teachers Friend (sic)

Most of this review will be complaining about grammar, with a little candy talk for spice

Reviewed by Jonny

April 6, 2016

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I’m gonna lead this off with my first gripe.  What exactly does (sic) mean anyhow?  Sure, we know we see it all the time when someone’s quoting someone who spelled something incorrectly, so they quoter doesn’t wanna seem like an idiot.  So they put (sic) in, and that’s short for “dude fucked it up, not me”.  But what it actually means is:

sic erat scriptum, “thus was it written”

Also? LATIN IS A DEAD LANGUAGE.  Why the HELL are all abbreviations Latin?  If we were a smart people, they’d be Spanish. A little tougher to abbreviate, but it would look something like this:

(tipo que escribió este escrito esta mierda mal , no me culpes . Sólo estoy comunicación de noticias)


Still with me?


I’d wager that since most people don’t like licorice, most people also aren’t aware that there’s a whole sub-genre of licorice called chalk: it’s licorice coated in a somewhat thick white candy shell. And it looks just like chalk, thus the name.  There’s a lot of varieties on this theme, and today we’re looking at one with a caramel flavor.


It literally looks just like chalk.  And it tastes fantastic.  Not too strong of a licorice, it’s very easy-eating, kind of like all food is to me.  These however, as previously mentioned, have a very nice caramel undertone, so they give you something a little different.  The crunch of the candy shell is really nice too, there’s a lot going on with these.

Another thing going on with these is that “Teachers” is spelled grammatically incorrect on the bag.  It’s supposed to be “Teacher’s” and I know this because my Mommy was a teacher.  I also know this because I’m older than 9.

Honestly-And I’m bitching now, but the truth is that this gaffe delights me-isn’t there ANYONE who works for this company that proofreads the bags that are about to be mass produced?  Or do they kind of all look at each other after they punch words into Google Translate, shrug their shoulders, and call it good?  BECAUSE IT’S NOT GOOD.


It’s great, but it’s not correct.  And they’re supposed to be teachers for shit’s sake.  See? Very different if I had just said shits sake.  That’s like shit flavored Asian wine.

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  1. Jonny

    Joel, I dig your panache. It could be, but it also could be “teacher’s”- it just depends on the intent of whomever’s speaking/writing.

    A+ for you, though.

  2. joel

    Shouldn’t it be the plural possessive “Teachers’ Friend?”

  3. Jonny

    Ms. Taylor-

    Normally we’d post a link to but, but these seem to be unavailable anywhere online as far as we can tell.

    Forever yours in poor grammar,


  4. Ms. Taylor

    Wear does won find these Teachers Friends?

  5. Matt

    Yes. Funny. And yes.


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