Swizzel’s Drumstick Sour Squashies

Squashies is a fun name.

Reviewed by Jonny

March 17, 2021

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I’ve tried the non sour variety of these before, and while I can’t remember exactly how I felt about them, I think it was generally positive. We reviewed the Swizzel’s “Lollies” grab bag years ago, and I really liked most of the offerings it had.

These are- shudder– marshmallow candies. I’m not particularly fond of marshmallow sweets, but sometimes they hit for me. And it’s not that I dislike them in some fundamental, way: rather, they tend to be kind of boring, kind of same-y, and the flavors tend to be on the milder side. So I can take ’em or leave ’em, usually.

One thing I love about these is their look:

You can almost see a hint of…freshness on them. They’re not moist per se, but they have moist-ish mouthfeel, being so fresh. Flavored with sour cherry and apple, they…really underwhelmed me.

Truthfully, it was the consistency. Too fresh of a marshmallow chew for me. Also, to call these “sour” is really a misnomer. These are sour in the same way that Lifesavers are sour.

Here’s how a piece breaks apart:

Here’s the curious thing though: I poured the bag into the candy jar and went on with my life. A week or two later I grabbed one, and it had aged a LOT. Tougher, denser, it became something different. I still wish the flavors popped a lot more, but I actually came around to really liking these. I know I’m pretty one-note about liking a tough chew most of the time, but for me, it’s important to have that chewing experience to get all the flavors to come out, and frankly, it’s more fun to eat that way.

Would I buy these? Yes. If I found these stateside at a reasonable price (Link in the normal place), I would. I love a project.

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  1. mikeUK

    i found drumstick flavour chocolate in the uk last week. its was pretty dang tasty.


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