Swiss Petite Fruit – My longest running candy obsession?

No folks, that's NOT marzipan you're looking at

Reviewed by Jonny


September 13, 2008

A long, long, LONG time ago, I used to be 7 years old. I know, it’s crazy, but stay with me. I have vivid memories of going to the Farmer’s Market on Fairfax Street in Los Angeles with my folks, weaving my way through all the bizarre little shops. Most of all though, I remember these candies that I bought for the first time there, little fruit shaped candies that I’ve been obsessed with ever since.
Officially, they’re now called “Swiss Petite Fruits”. Available all over the web, they come in the following flavors: pear, banana, strawberry, lemon, apple, grape, orange, and…red. Seriously, I don’t know what the red is supposed to be. Cherry?
The cool thing, especially to a 7 year old (or a 38 year old, apparently), is that each candy is shaped like the fruit it’s flavored as. And lemmee tell ya about the flavor. There’s a reason these have stuck with me so long. Combining a touch of tart with a lot of sweet, they start out as a hard chew. Soon though, they sort of disintegrate in your mouth, opening up a flood of real, genuine fruit flavor.
I’ve had many nights in front of the TV with a jar of these by my side. By the time “Seinfeld” comes on at 11:00, the jar is empty. I feel guilty, go to bed, wake up, go online, order more. Vicious cycle.
The real trick many years ago was to actually find these-it wasn’t easy. My folks would find them overseas, or in random places, and surprise me every few years. Now, the internet makes them just a few days away. Truly, I can’t recommend these enough.
But wait-there’s more.
I don’t know when it happened, but they’ve created a sour version of these candies. I don’t know if they’re called Sour Swiss Petite Fruit or something else, but they are INSANELY good. Take everything great about the original candy, and just throw a general level of sour-more like a very tarts flavor, not too sour-over them. Delish. SCARILY delish.
But now…poof! Gone? Well, yes and no. They exist, but as far as I can tell (and please, SOMEONE prove me wrong and email us the link to them) they only are sold at the Sweet Factory now. this makes zero sense to me, as their original counterparts are sold in many online stores, but…as of now, this is how it appears to be. If you do stumble across these, check them out. They don’t have the sentimental value for me of the original, but who gives a shit? They rock.
People, try these and email us. We’d love to hear what you think of them, but please, be gentle. They’re very important to me.


Bottom Line: Put on your LP of “Free to Be You and Me”, find your Toughskins® jeans, pop open a Tab®, and feast on these delish little lovelies. I love them with an unnatural passion, and hopefully you will too.



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  1. RB

    Love them and have been looking for them FOREVER. So happy to have found them on the internet. I always assumed the red ones were Mango but I’ll eat them no matter what there called!

    • Mark

      I found them in-store at Yummies candy and nuts. Located in Kittery, Maine. Their website is

  2. Donyelle

    With al the craziness going on around us, I was feeling nostalgic. I was needing comfort. I was so excited when I found these and ordered them. They are just as good as I remember. I am taking a trip down memory lane.

  3. Wilmie

    Does anyone know where I can order these in the Netherlands or wich company will ship them tk the Netherlands?

    • Jonny

      check out If not them, then

  4. Tom

    Yes!!! Me too!! I lived in Wales (UK) until I was 6 years old and we used to have them on high days and holidays. I would literally sell one of my kidneys to get my hands on some again.

    • Jonny

      No need to dump a kidney! I’m betting you can get some easily shipped to the Uk. Google it my friend!

    • Matty

      I lived in Cardiff for a year back in the early Oughts. Loved it. Brains bitter.

  5. Mrs Scott

    I bought some at a candy store because they are so cute. I googled them to find out what they were and found this blog. They are amazing. Now I need to find the sour ones.

    • jonnyguru

      I’ve been trying, and it seems pretty clear to me that the sour ones have been phased out. Can’t find them anywhere. 🙁

  6. Chandler B

    I just sent you guys an email on this. It’s Delish no longer carries them and other brands I’ve bought taste horrible. Especially the red/cherry. Help!

  7. Moi

    6 months later – Koppers has a Swiss Petite Fruit that we sell at my work. Have you checked those out?

    • jonnyguru

      I have and they’re the ones! Very yummy. I’m more into the sour ones, which seem to be impossible to find now, but these are excellent. Thanks for looking out!

  8. Ansaldonixon1

    I adore the Swiss petite fruits and whilst they are widely available in the US, I cannot find anyone in the UK who sells them.  No one will ship to me outside of the UK and it is very annoying and frustrating.  I have even written to Bodeta the manufacturers and they have completely ignored me.

  9. Ansaldonixon1

    I just wish I could find a regular supplier in the UK.  I adore these too and no one will send me any outside the  UK

  10. Olivia McDowell

    And yet, they look just like Runts!
    Thanks for the blog, guys. I am a truly committed sweet tooth, and your reviews take me back to my very first blog affair: Bad-Candy in the mid-90s. Keep them coming!

  11. Swervie

    Good post.
    I like these things – don’t love them. The nice thing about them is their candy.

  12. greebs

    Agreed…and a special shout out to the pear, the banana and the lemon flavored ones. (And a few others. Man, they’re all so delicious.)


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