Sweetarts Chewy Fusions

It's a candy/gummy/crunchy bits miracle!

Reviewed by Jonny

May 13, 2022

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We’ve spoken about the candy subreddit before (and if you don’t have a clue what I’m referring to, congrats, you’re old!). Generally speaking, you’re gonna see new candies there, people discuss them, etc. We take candy seriously there, but the sub is a lot of fun: random shots of candies bought around the world, mutant candies. It runs the gamut of possibilities.

Sometimes a candy gets so much hype on the sub that I just have to seek it out. And almost every time, it’s not a super simple process. You’d think these new varieties of major brands would be available everywhere, but that’s not the case. So after the 7th or 8th time someone posted about this “legendary” and “amazing” new SweeTarts variety, I had to get serious. I tracked them down at my local target, and I’m here to say that these live up to the hype. All of it.

SweeTarts package

Take a look at the cross section photo on the bottom right. Now look at what it really looks like:

Sweetarts chew fusion candy broken in half

Pretty damn accurate, right? At first, these really look like gum balls.

Sweetarts spilled on the table

But of course, gum they’re not. You crunch through the candy exterior, and then to be honest, I’m not completely sure of what’s happening. Clearly there’s a gummy inside. But it’s what’s between the gummy and the candy shell that’s interesting. They call them “crunchy bits” and that’d be accurate. It’s also accurate to say that these things are sour. Certainly not too sour, but very legitimately sour.

Sweetarts compared to the size of a garlic clove
Garlic clove for scale

Eating a lot of these just might be a bit too much for me (although I just stuffed 2 in my mouth and no one seems to be complaining), but add these to a general a mix of gummies and chews? And these clearly standout. They offer a consistency uniqueness that’s super welcome. As for taste, this bag is “Fruit Punch Medley” so the flavors are all punch related:

Berry, tropical, cherry watermelon and strawberry “punch” flavors. I’m not sure I understand the “punch” genre, but the net net: this is a solid candy and the flavor is good. Quite good. Still… I can’t help but feel they could do a bag of Sweetarts’ original flavors, and they might be even better.

Bottom line: the candy reddit know what’s up. If you wanna hear about cool new products earlier than we get the news out, definitely join us on Reddit. In the meantime, click the link and buy these little delights.

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  1. Matty

    I passed these up in Walgreens just now.
    Wanna know why?
    Because I’m a moron that’s why.


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