Suntjens Candyland Sour Gummy Parade from Germany Dominate.

We know about Haribo, Trolli, Katjes and a few others. But is there another major player in the German gummy game?

Reviewed by Jonny

June 9, 2017


Oh my GOD these sour bears.

First of all, it’s hard to see here, but this bag is gigantic.  I’d say easily twice the weight of a normal bag of Haribo.  Additionally, the bears themselves are gigantic.

Here they just look normal, but trust me, it’s super size time.  I’ve seen this brand before, but not often-and when I see it, I get excited, because I know they make good stuff.  I mean look at the bag-the bears are literally jamming out, parade style.  Instead of musical chairs, it’s musical bears.  I’m not even gonna point out the depths of that last reference, but we all know it was great.

How do you fight with Haribo in the space of gummy bears?  Well, you could include a wider variety of flavors, and really focus on those flavors to make that your thing-like Albanese.  They did that.  But you can’t just come along with a sour bear, because not only does Haribo have those, but they kick major ass as well.  So again, how do you hope to compete?

These succeed by being relatively basic, and very, very sour.  The flavors are straight forward but solid-but because they’re so sour, they really explode.  Lemon, lime, orange, cherry.  Ordinarily I’d get crabby and say that’s a boring selection, but like I said before, these are pretty special, and they work.

With a larger than normal size, more sour than you’d expect, and strong flavors, these are excellent in every way.  I really like this brand, and while it’s more or less impossible for us Yanks to get these here, it’s nice to know that there’s many under the radar excellent candy companies in Germany making things that are excellent that we can’t get here .


Maybe that’s not nice to know, actually.  It just occurred to me that I’m potentially only serving to anger and frustrate our beloved readers.  Teasing, if you will.  To that I say knowledge is power, and even if we can’t get these, to know that we can’t, is to know all the things we CAN do.

I’ve had VERY little sleep this week.



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  1. Krian

    Actually they’re pretty hard to get even if you live in Germany. I had to check six supermarkets before I found one that carried them. I even tried getting them online, but unless you want to order 12lbs (either six huge tubs or 15 1/2 lb bags) directly from the manufacturer they’re pretty much impossible to find.

  2. matty

    This is why you should keep writing. No matter what your friends think.

    “Instead of musical chairs, it’s musical bears.”


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