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I’m a big fan of gummies in general—but “fruit gums”, as they’re known across the pond, are generally better. Tougher, more full flavored, more genuinely “fruity”, I jump at all things labelled as fruit gums. When I saw these at my local Cost Plus World Market, I had to try them:

All I know about these things is that they come from Holland. There’s nothing on the internet at ALL about them, so for all I know they’re actually made in Weed, CA, but…that part really doesn’t matter. It’s all about taste, right?

Speaking of taste, these come in some great fruit flavors like lime, lemon, orange, and a delicious black currant. There’s also some combo looking pieces, I have no idea what flavor those are. Finally, there’s…cola? Yes, cola. Hear me out on this one. I LOVE cola gummies (one of my very first candy fixations was gummy cola bottles), and these are very tasty cola gummies. But for some reason, they don’t work well for me when mixed with fruit flavors.

Plus, I thought these were FRUIT gums! They’re CALLED “Fruitgums” in the name, so…yeah. Just a bit confusing. If you had asked me before I tried these if mixing cola and fruit flavors would bother me, I’m sure I would have said no. Or “hell no”. Or “huh? Why are you calling me?”. But I have to admit, it’s a bit of a deal breaker for me. Or, you have to get all OCD and separate the cola from the fruit flavors for different eating sessions. It’s all a lot of work.  And I’m getting a damn puppy for my know it all son soon, so there’s that.  Lotsa stuff going on, too much to deal with candy conflicts.


When you carve it all away though, these are good.  Damn good.  I’d buy them if they were my only fruitgum option at Cost Plus-but they’re not.  They have the vastly superior Rowntrees Fruit Gums right there, so I’d recommend you go with those.  However, in a pinch these are very much a suitable runner-up.  Check ’em out for yourself at your local World Market.






3 thoughts on “Sun & Fun Fruit Gums

  1. A ha….looks like the fruit garden might be more up my alley. I notice they don’t even MENTION these on that page…weird.

  2. I like these things a lot. I had a container that i ate in just a few days. Then got fat. Then kept looking at the fat. Now I’m sorta fond of the fat. I think others are too.

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