Sula Toffee To Go “Kaffeecreme”

Caramel goes with salt. This we know. But does it go with coffee? What about white chocolate? Porjk Belly?

Reviewed by Jonny

April 25, 2013


Like caramel?  Really, who doesn’t?  It’s just a matter of how you take it: hard, soft, dripping on ice cream, etc.  All good options.



I got these from (Of course) my pal Suze, and I was intrigued.  I don’t eat a lot of coffee flavored things aside from this thing I like to call “coffee” every morning.  But when I do-especially coffee ice cream (NoM!), I always love it.  So let’s try these, shall we?



Individually wrapped “shrouded” toffee.  Or is it caramel?  SPOILER: It’s caramel.  Technically, toffee is cooked longer, thus giving it it’s insanely good crunch (mental note: review a Heath bar, STAT).  Also, caramel calls for cream whereas toffee is just plain old butter and sugar.  Really excellent for you.  So why are these called toffees?  I just report the news, people.  I don’t crawl into the twisted mind of German confectioners (often).



It’s trippy looking, the white coating-right?  It’s white chocolate, the most hated of chocolates. Here though, it works.  The smoothness really offsets the bite of coffee.   This is a soft, easy chewing caramel, with just the right note of coffee.  I usually like things in my mouth to be hard to chew*, but I really enjoyed these, and clearly everyone else in my office did as well.




That’s a smushed one for ya, to get a better idea of the consistency.  These are yummy, and if you’re a coffee candy fan, you need these. The only place I could find to buy these on the web was World of Sweets.  Click the link below, use your google translate plugin, and let the fun begin.






















Zolli Candy

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