Sula Sugar Free Mint Humbugs

i REALLY want to say BAH HUMBUG, but peeps....I just can't! These are just too yummy.

Reviewed by Jonny

August 18, 2017


My brother goes to London on business-you might remember him as the dude who just went to Australia and turned me on to these fine creations. Yeah, well now he’s in London for work because obviously his job sucks. I mentioned to him the term “boiled sweets” a few times, not so subtly dropping hints. Boiled sweets are just what Brits call old school hard candies.  And they make pretty amazing variations.

While he didn’t bring back a “pick n’ mix” satchel, he did bring these.  And if you don’t believe they qualify as boiled sweets, well…it says so right on the box.

But sugar free?  What the hell was happening over there? The whole thing just felt like a bad pharmacy generic candy situation. Once I opened the box though, …I was instantly mesmerized.

As good as they look there, in person they’re even more perfect.  I wasted no time-I chucked one in my mouth.  Instantly, I was super into it.  After just a few seconds, I knew these were keepers. It comes on as mint-or is it a toffee?  It’s both.  Think of a buttery mint-but in this case, it’s not buttery, it’s more caramel-y.  And it’s really marvelous.

Creamy, cool with a caramel note…it’s really different, and I really like them.  They’re like a bizarre hybrid Werthers.  Vacillating between minty freshness and creamy, caramel goodness…I really can’t get enough of these.  So they’re sugar free-kinda weird, but trust me on this one, there’s zero artificial taste in these, so that’s not a problem.

And since they’re sugar-free, that means they’re calorie-free (not true), so eating the whole box is no big deal!  You should totally do exactly that right now.  Link below.


Zolli Candy


  1. Asha Maharaj

    I resently went to London and bought 2 packs of Mint Humbugs…..OMG!!!!!!
    I kick myself for not buying more these have to be one of the best candies I have ever eaten and it is sugar free.

  2. Jonny

    Whoah! Those all look amazing! Are they easy for you to find?

    As for , yes, those are all over the place here. Easy for you to get?



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