Sula Lakritz Toffes : Sea Salt Licorice Toffe

Oh boy, does everyone love salt.  There’s sea salt in everything these days.  Chocolate, fruity desserts, plain raw vegetables.  Everyone loves sea salt.  But not as much as me.

I’m sure I officially have a salt “problem”, but until my doctor hips me to that, I’m ignoring it.  I wasn’t sure if these were going to be chews, traditional licorice, or what- I just knew I was gonna get my salt on.  And anyone who knows anything about licorice knows that it’s ALL about salt.

Individually wrapped, I gave one a squeeze.  Not hard at all, but not completely soft.  Although I was hoping for a very hard chew, I decided to temper my expectations, and get ready for the inevitably common softy “this candy takes less than 5 seconds to consume” experience.


Ok, so they’re soft.  But wow, are these good.  I know the bag says toffee, and it says licorice, but this really is like caramel.  A licorice tinged, slightly salty caramel.

I’ve had more than my fair share of “sea salt caramels”.  Usually not salty enough and way too soft, it takes something different than that to make an impression on me now.  Whereas these are too soft for my likeing AND a bit light on the salt, the flavor infusion of caramel and licorice completely blew me away.


So here’s what you’re gonna do: Put them in the fridge.  An old tactic of ours, but defintiely a goody, it can change the characteristics of a candy greatly.  And for these, it does the trick.  What you get is an extremely firm caramel treat that has the essence of licorice.  And because of the magic of the fridge, it gets a firm feel that sort of decays slowly from the outside.   Yes, that sounds like a horrible disease, but it’s not baby, it’s the shit!  You sort of get a hard candy with the benefits of a softer candy, until ultimately it warms up to body temp and you just chew the hell out of that little guy and reach for another.  For licorice fans, these are a must try.


These are available from World of Sweets (link below).  Definitely check them out, or look towards Germany’s Amazon or Ebay site.

3 thoughts on “Sula Lakritz Toffes : Sea Salt Licorice Toffe

  1. Those look awesome. Will try tonight. And “because of the magic of the fridge” is now my favorite phrase of 2012.

  2. So Great Phrase Maker, how do you get to order fm World of Sweets in English. I don’t understand German. Ayudame!

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