Sugarfina: Wild Blueberry Fruttini

Introducing your new favorite candy store.

Reviewed by Jonny

April 17, 2014


When Matty & I started Candy Gurus a few years back, we had a lot of different ideas.  The first was to actually  make candies.  I still remember, our first product was going to be a gummy assortment that would be different (at the time) from anything you could get easily in the U.S.: all natural exotic fruit flavored gummies that actually had a European-style tough chew, but that were also bursting with tangy, full, and accurate fruit flavors.  Flavors like plum, apricot, pear, lime – flavors that weren’t and still aren’t very well represented in the gummy world.

Our other idea, which seemed to be the way we wanted to go, was to start an online candy store.  But not just another online candy store-a unique, badass candy store.  A store that found the best candies from around the world and sold those, instead of just selling the same stuff that everyone else sells.  A store that might even age candy for you upon request.  Candy concierges, if you will.

Because of our “illustrious” (read: time consuming) real jobs (Matty is a tech PR nerd  & I’m a sound nerd), we settled on the path of least resistance: reviewing candy.  I like to think we still carry the same snobby yet embracing standards that we would have held to as confectioners or as a sales front, but clearly, we’re not living the dream.


That’s where Sugarfina come in.  They ARE.  The company was started by a couple who loves candy-and that’s the correct first step.  Starting a candy store to make money is kind of delusional in this day & age-but starting one because you love candy…well that’s so crazy that it just might work.  And if it doesn’t, …hey, you have hundreds of pounds of candy on your hands, things could be worse.   Clearly though, it’s working for Sugarfina.  Their website reads like a look into my candy wish list, everything from crazy licorice assortments to chocolates, to of course, gummies, sours, and what I’m reviewing today, Fruttini.



My love affair with Pate De Fruit is pretty well documented, so I won’t wax on too much more about how much I love it-just know I love it.  Essentially what they are is a concentrated fruit explosion.  They’re not gummies-not even close.  Think of taking not quite so sweet real fruit jam, and concentrating it down and down, until it becomes a solid.  That’s not actually how they’re made, but it gives you an idea of what the final product is like.



I’ve had all sorts of pate de fruit, but this was my first dalliance with wild blueberry.  And in every way, it delivered.  I especially love the tiny size of the fruttini pieces-it makes for JUST a bit less guilt after you eat the whole pack.  They’re soft to start, and they only get softer as you suck on them.  The flavor though…it’s amazing.  These featured the deep, earthy aspect of the blueberry.  So much of that deep blueberry flavor comes out-and a tinge of tart, but not a lot-that you cant help but recall fresh blueberries.



And that’s really the point, isn’t it?


A whole other aspect that Sugarfina has crushed is their presentation.  Whoah.






The care that it took for them to precisely package their 1 ounce samples is inspiring.  But their gift boxes?  It’s just first rate stuff, and I like that.  I like when people care about things.  Clearly, Sugarfina takes candy very seriously, at least as far as giving you an experience.  I was blown away, just staring at how beautiful everything looked.  I didn’t want to mess it up by eating any,  but guess what?   I did.  I’m not insane.


In the coming weeks I’m going to be reviewing several of the samples I was sent.  But judging from the few I’ve tried, and especially from the Wild Blueberry Fruttini, it’s clear to me that there’s a new go-to candy purveyor in my world.  For sure, when I’m gifting someone candy, it’ll be from Sugarfina.


Ok fine, I’m gifting myself, but THAT STILL COUNTS.  Check out these, along with many other sweets from around the world, at the link below.

Zolli Candy

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  1. mattycandy

    Took me a whole to get to this but i’m glad I did. I needed a goto candy-goodness-for-clients vendor, looks like this might be the find.


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