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Stockleys Great British Cocktail Party


This isn’t the first time we’ve tried candies flavored like cocktails: but it is the first time they come in hard candy form.

I found these at a local TJ Maxx-which is a sneaky under the radar place to get some pretty rare candies, in my experience-last month.  One look at the back, and I knew I had to check them out.

The cocktails in question are good ones, and not all of them are technically cocktails, but that’s just me being a bit of a tit. (I’m trying to get into the British parlance, sue me).



Peach Bellini

Gin & Tonic


Pink Champagne


We all know by now that I love hard candies, but I love the ones from other countries the most. And England? Right at the top.  These are large, colorful, and generally speaking, right up my alley. The taste test began with perhaps the most unique flavor to me (in candy form), Gin & Tonic.  I’ve enjoyed a few of these drinks in my day.

Here’s the headline: it damn well tastes exactly like a gin & tonic.  Spot on. The pine and motherly herbaceous notes are there, right in the front, paired with obviously some level of sweetness, as it’s a candy. I love that these are no BS- you like the cocktail, you’ll like the candy.


And so it went with the other flavors.  The Peach Bellini and Mojito were pretty easy to make great, with pretty obvious notes of peach and mint at the front respectively.  Still though, these impressed me. And I think I’d buy them again, if for nothing else, a good gift for the host of a party. Assuming I ever get invited to a party again.  Do people still have parties?


These are hard to find online, but can be procured on Ebay. Use caution, or simply have a drink instead. Happy Holidays, friends!


  1. A “bit of a tit” would roughly mean “bit of an idiot”. Stockleys actually have a production facility just down the road from A Quarter Of! 😉

    • Then I nailed it!!!

      And I love a quarter of. A few of us just reordered a ton of stuff.

  2. It’s so strange to see a brand I grew up with on a blog I’ve read for years! When I was growing up we would go to a place called Oswaldwistle Mill (much less magical than it sounds) which had a Stockleys shop inside as well as the world’s largest pear drop, made by them. My sister and I would get a Stockley’s pick and mix every time, and every time we’d be disappointed that they’re all hard boiled sweets! Kids don’t like those.

    • Ha! No, they don’t tend to, do they? 🙂

  3. Wow, this is really nice. Thank you for turning me on to this great hard candy. I too am a fan of liquor flavored treats. Have you guys tried liquor lollipops yet? They are based in Atlanta and they have some AMAZING confections. I found them at LiquorLollipops.com.

    • New to me. But I love to liquor.


  4. Is there alcohol inside the candies?

    • No, they just taste very similar to the cocktails. They’re alcohol free. 🙂

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