The Future is Here: Milk Straws Magic Sucking

Remember when you had to use spoons? So lame.

Reviewed by Jonny

August 1, 2012


Remember when you used to get the Quick® out of the cupboard, spoon in a scoop (or three), then stir away for flavored milk?


Well screw that crap, oldylocks!  Too much work!

Enter “magic sippers” of “flavor straws” or “magic milk straws”.  They don’t seem to agree on a name.  No matter though, these things are cool.


This is an up close shot of each of the three straws.  They’re just plain ‘ol plastic straws, that are slightly crimped at the ends so that the flavor beads don’t fall out.  Fill up your glass of milk, plop one of these straws in, and suck away.  Viola, instant flavored milk.  Let’s not get into what the beads are—did you ever care what the powder was actually made of?


We were sent chocolate, cookies ‘n cream, and strawberry by the kids at Candy  My money is always going to be on strawberry, as it harkens back to the gold old days of Nestle Quick.  But they’re all good, and the kids seem to like using them.  At 22 calories a pop, they basically make you lose weight.


Look, no one’s re-inventing the wheel here – but think of the possibilities for making the little brats actually DRINK their milk at school.  Pop one of these bad boys in their Clone Wars lunch box, and that should do the trick.  That, or they’ll trade it for a few cookies.  Either way it’s a win.


Spoiler Alert: I tried one of these with soda.  Just cause.  Unsurprisingly, not good.  At all.

Zolli Candy


  1. Rodzilla

    you know what really gets kids to drink their milk? bags.

  2. matty


  3. greebs

    Anything that reminds me of Strawberry Quik – hey, you love it or hate it and I love it – is a good thing. These look like the jam.


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