Spin The Wheel And Have Some…Dog Food? Jelly Belly’s “Bean Boozled” Game From Hell.

IF you've ever wondered what baby wipes taste like...wait no further!

Reviewed by Jonny


February 3, 2010

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I”m sure everyone has a Mortgage Broker who surfs, looks out for them for the right time to re-fi, has a taste for Korean food,  and sends them candy.  Wait-you don’t?  Well friends, then reap the benefits of mine.  Mr. Chris B.

Last week, I received a package from him- Jelly Belly’s “Bean Boozled” game.  He said that his friends and their kids had a great time playing it, and seeing as how he’s a fan of Candygurus.com, he thought we should check it out too.  So check it out:


The concept is actually very clever: You spin the wheel, and whatever color it lands on, you gotta eat that color of Jelly Belly.  Sounds…boring, right?  Well, they’ve thrown in a little catch- for each color included, there’s two flavors in the box.  For black, you have licorice and…skunk spray.  For the speckled brown, it’s caramel corn…or is it moldy cheese?  Buttered popcorn….or rotten egg?  Berry blue, or toothpaste?  Juicy pear, or booger!
No, I’m not done.


There’s also coconut/baby wipes, banana/pencil shavings (that’s some seriously inspired shit right there), peach/vomit, strawberry/centipede, and chocolate pudding/canned dog food.

Centipede? We’ll let that one slide.

On baby wipes:  Perhaps the most genius “bad” flavor of all time, as it infers not only the taste of weird synthetic baby wipes, but also of pee and poo.  Super creepy.

It was time to try this thing, so I busted it out for Jonny Jr.  He was super excited, but also…smart.  A bit TOO smart:

The Kid: “I’m not eating the gross ones”

Me: ” Well…how are you gonna know which ones are good, and which are bad?”

The Kid:”….YOU eat them.  I’ll just spin the wheel”.

He’s good.  VERY good.  So he spun.  Dark brown was the selected color, so I crossed my fingers for Chocolate pudding.  Doh!  Dog food.  Earthy, smelly, meaty dog food.  Disgusting.  The kid loved it.  The fact that I was eating something gross, that is.

Then it was “my” turn.  I spun and landed on blue.  I hoped for Berry Blue, but of course, got toothpaste.  I gotta say-not that bad!  I mean, it’s minty fresh, so how bad can it be, right?  Then The Kid grabbed a blue, and of course, got Berry Blue.

Mmm mmm.

Jelly Belly clearly makes the best jelly beans around.  Period.  Their sour beans rock worlds, and their regular mix is great too.  The flavors are real, and they punch through clearly with every single bite.  They’re a delight!  Only problem is, they’re SO good that I always pop 3 or 4 in my mouth at once, and then I get a mudbath of flavors and lose the desired effect.  But I can’t help myself.  That’s something I need to work on.

We know the beans are good.  However, does that make a good game?

I think the answer is yes.  Probably not for the 20-something Grizzly Bear-listening Jersey Shore-watching set, but I think for the little kids and for their parents, this could provide some big laughs in a small group environment.

Unless of course, the kids involved are little lawyers-in-training like my son.  If that’s the case, just ground them.  Right now.  It’s for the best.

Update- I had the misfortune of trying “booger” flavor last night.  It was weird-it sort of felt like a salty mild jalapeno.  Then, as I thought about it, I got grossed out and spat the thing out.  Writing this is making me more grossed out, and now I feel like I need a shower.



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  1. Zayneb :P

    how do they know how baby wipes with pee and poo

    • jonnyguru

      I’m sure they ate them for weeks, developed a taste for them, and then tried to duplicate. Or more likely, they made the wipes tats like some sort of cleaning fluid. There’s no pee pee flavor!

  2. Emily

    Apparently we know what centipedes taste like now. o_0 I tried this with one of my friends, and at first she thought the centipede flavor was just a tasteless flavor. Rotten egg was by far the worst, and we both nearly threw up after eating that one. 😀 Fun times.

  3. Madison

    wait…thought…do you think the developers of these flavors had to sample some of the items? Because you’re right, how DO you know what centipedes taste like?

  4. megan

    Love this! I need to find me some, although I think It’d be downright cruel to make my 2 year old play with me. My college roommates and I used to play this game with the Harry Potter beans. The vomit is by far the worst although rotten egg is a close second.I want to hear updates on more flavors you try (centipede…how does one even know how that tastes?)

  5. Matty

    Is clubbing a something ‘fun’ you do with drinking and dancing and no kids?

  6. Rosa

    I don’t know what Grizzly Bear is, and I don’t watch Jersey Shore, but my 20-something friends and I had a blast with this!

    Word of advice, if you eat lots of gross Jelly Bellies, brush your teeth before you go clubbing. The scent of disgusting lingers on your breath.

  7. Scotty

    Funny. Not sure I want to try Booger. Just makes me think of the little nuggets my 2 and a half year old hands me as if its some sort of prize. “Buggah Papa”. Yuck.

  8. Matty

    This is very interesting indeed.
    Methinks I want to play!

  9. greebs

    Truly inspired. Love this. I will say that the cross-section of folks who listen to Grizzly Bear and watch Jersey Shore is probably almost nil, but that’s a mere quibble with the idea of you eating candy that tastes like vomit and baby wipes. Good times.


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