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Reviewed by Jonny


December 7, 2008



As I sat freshly stewing about how lame Starburst Gummibursts were (review here) I was going over the good candies that Starburst does make in my mind. And then it hit me–how the HELL have we not reviewed Sour Starburst? Both Matty and I rank them at the top of the charts as far as sour candies go, so…what happened?Call it an oversight, poor planning, whatever. The point is that it’s time to talk turkey.Sour Starburst were amazing when they originally hit the scene. But then, for no good reason whatsoever, they went and improved the hell out of them, taking them a
They upgraded 3 flavors- cherry turned to sour green apple, orange turned into sour tangerine, and grape turned into sour strawberry I (I’l call this switch a draw). They get points alone for eliminating a cherry candy from the world- Yay, Starbs!The tangerine is by far my favorite flavor-it really tastes like a sour tangerine, with really intense flavor. It smells like tangerine, the color’s right on, …basically, they got it right. Sour green apple, sour strawberry, and even the ubiquitous sour blue raspberry are all very tasty. Even more, they ALL taste like the flavor they’re repping.  That is, if we pretend that Blue Raspberries exist.I like the way there’s only four flavors too, because none of them are similar to each other. After you pop one in your mouth, it’s also refreshing to not have to look at the color of the candy to know what it is.As for the sour power…they got it in spades. Honestly, these come as close to riding the line between incredible sour excellence and way too sour painful scraping the top of my mouth burny irritating discomfort as I’ve ever seen. They’re not fucking around, they are sour. In fact, the only hit I might have on these is that, due to the sour overload, I usually don’t pound tons in one sitting. But that’s a good thing right?  Regardless, this is more a testament to the legitimacy of these things rather than a criticism.

I can’t really say enough of about these except for…I like ’em. A lot. If you really are a sour fan, then you’ll find something to love about these.  For no other reason, you should buy a pack to check out the tangerine love.  One day, someone will answer my prayers and create a sour (perhaps not quite as sour as these, but close) chew comprised of citrus only – lemon, lime, orange, tangerine, grapefruit.  It seriously wouldn’t get any better for me.

Somebody…make it happen.
Bottom Line: Sour Starburst are fuckin’ good.


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  1. By-Tor

    So what the hell happened to these things? Theyre me my favorite and i cant find any. Great article by the way.


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