Sour Jacks

Isn’t it funny how we have preconceived notions?  I definitely never saw myself being into scream/gaze/black metal, I once thought Donald Trump was “funny” when he hosted his stupid reality show, and I was sure no main characters would die in Episode 7: The Force Unleashed.  Wrong on all counts!  Add to the list Sour Jacks: I thought they were  discount ghetto Sour Patch Kids, relegated to gas stations and lame movie theaters.  Again, how wrong I was


My homey texted me recently asking if I’d tried these, and that was right after I read about them on Reddit (yeah, we do that.  Check out the candy subreddit there for a giggle).  People were raving about them, and going into detail as to why.


Said homey then came through with these two bags, so I did a tasting a few days ago.  In a word: delicious.


Respect the wedge, yo.  That’s their slogan, and I think we all have to buy in, because they’re really tasty.  The watermelon have that familiar “candy watermelon” flavor, with a pronounced sour bite-not crazy sour, but definitely sour.  The wildberry however, is the star here surprisingly.

Serious flavor and bite makes the wild berry pretty original.  There’s a deep berry flavor that’s punctuated by the sour in the best way.  I really loved these, and I liked the watermelon too, but I’m gonna seek out the wildberry. Ironically, I’m now trying to find those gas stations and stores that carry these things- they’re that good, they’re worth a concerted effort to find.

I now respect the wedge, and suggest you do the same.  Click the link below if you can’t find them locally.

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