Soda Flavored Gummy Rolls – Haribo Style

Haribo's cola flavored snails look nothing like snails. But the taste? EXACTLY like them! Er...wait.

Reviewed by Jonny

October 28, 2009


A few months ago, we reviewed Haribo’s “Rotella” (check out the review here). They’re like stringy gummy candy, rolled up in the form of a wheel. The Rotella flavors were your garden variety Haribo fare- strawberry, lemon, orange, and apple, all excellent. Chewy, tough, full flavored with a bit of tang…a quality product. Enter…Haribo Cola Schnecken (best candy name ever, right? ) : Haribocolaschneckenbag

At first I was worried that these would taste like Haribo Cola bottles. Don’t get me wrong, I friggin’ love those, but I’ve eaten more than my fair share of them in my lifetime, so I wasn’t sure I needed to eat the same thing, but in a rolled up wheel form. When I opened up the bag though, I saw that the look of them  was unique-not clear like the cola bottles: Haribocolaschneckenopen

Pretty trippy looking, right? They’re like magical bronze edible tires.  Anyhow, it was time to unroll and taste. Or, I suppose, to just take a big-ass bite out of the side. I’m sort of an unroll-first kinda guy, so that’s what I did. Different. Not at all like the cola bottles. The flavor is definitely cola-like, but there’s this layer of effervescence that makes them taste sort of…well, bubbly. And damn it, they’re good. It’s almost like faintly sour cola gummy. The Mrs., who likes about 1 out of every 20 gummies I offer her, gave these her seal of approval. They’re just plain good, and let me tell ya-the bag went fast.

Of course, like most Haribo that we’re sent (and we can’t thank our faithful readers world-wide for sending crap in enough!), they’re not easily available here in the states. The best online store we’ve found that has a large variety and ships to places in the US is (link to the Haribo Cola Schnecken here) . They happen to be out of them right now, and frankly, their prices aren’t cheap, but..we’ll take what we can get.

I have a feeling though, that as the world shrinks, so too will the walls built by the bastards who want to keep the quality stuff away from Americans. Instead, they force feed us Trolli Pear Rings and think we’re gonna stand for that shit. I say revolt, people! And, if you can, make some German friends who can send you some Haribo Cola Schnecken, ’cause it’s a fine, fine candy indeed.

By the way, “Cola Schnecken” means “Cola Snails” in German.

Snails? Really? Germans really need to get our more often, cause snails these aint.  God bless their crazy litttle hearts, though.



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  1. Susie

    Hey Jonny,
    And you will have to work on your imagination.. these little buggers look a LOT like snails to me – just imagine a cute little snail head to the left of this rolled-up thingie and you there you have it – a perfect snail! (well, maybe I SHOULD go out more :o) )
    I am glad you like the Cola Snails – can´t wait to see which candy will be up next..
    Greetings from your German friend


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