Skittles Sweets & Sours

Boring flavors-so why does this work so well?

Reviewed by Jonny

August 4, 2020


I’ve only seen this variety at the Dollar Store, but generally speaking, they seem to always be there.

It’s a simple idea: take 3 standard flavors, and add in 2 sour flavors. Usually we see “regular” or “sour” varieties. But this bad boy is a mix.

Skittles lovers will recognize the green, orange and pink-ish colors as the familiar watermelon, orange, and strawberry flavors. The red however, is sour cherry, and blue is sour blue raspberry. So on the surface, if I’m being honest, this flavor combination is nothing special. It’s boring.

I mean…you’re giving us only 2 sour flavors and they’re cherry and blue raz? Can you get more standard?

Here’s the weird thing though: I LOVE THIS MIX.

No, it’s not pushing boundaries flavor-wise, but something about the specific combination just works big time for me. If you know us, you know we love Skittles, and we love traditional sour skittles too. But I think I prefer the non-sour coating versions like the ones in this variety. Eating a bunch of sour skittles tends to rip flesh off the inside of your mouth. These don’t do that.

Having 60% sweet and 40% sour is a low sour ratio-that’s what I would have thought previously. It turns out though, it’s wonderful. It never overwhelms, and always gives you that sour punctuation. It’s brill, frankly.

I can only imagine how much I’d love a more exotic sweets & sours mix -but in the meantime these are an excellent starting point. Your best bet is always gonna be a dollar store for these, but if you’re feeling like you need a lot, click the link below and you’ll have them in a day or so!

Zolli Candy


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