Shigekix Super Sour Japanese…Gummy Things

Real sour with mediocre flavor is meh. These pair the sour with authentic deliciousness, and thus, we win.

Reviewed by Jonny

March 13, 2015


Do these look badass?  Cause they’re badass.


They’re also staring. Right. At. You. But not to worry, they’re friendly!  And they’re super sour.


It says so right on the bag, “super sour”.  Luckily, it turns out that’s a fact, so no false advertising going on here. My globe trotting friend brought these back from Hong Kong, but I don’t want to confuse you, they’re Japanese. And if we’ve learned one thing about the Japanese candy world in our years together, it’s that they OWN grape candy flavor. These are no exception.



As soon as you put one in your mouth, the wine-esque grape aroma permeates, and fills both your smell & taste senses.  That’s fun!  But then, the attack of sour comes on, making one think that they might be in a hellish Warheads-type situation.  Fear not-you’re not.  Pretty quickly, the sour peaks, and then starts to lessen, giving way almost completely-but not totally-to the delicious grape flavor.  A real, true grape taste.

You might be looking at the pieces above thinking… “um..eww.  They look like moldy Goblin teeth”.  While that might be true, it’s likely due to the lack of artifical colors.  But I can’t back that up with data, as I don’t read Japanese.  Personally, the more off a candy looks, the more I think i’ts GOTTA be good, that the candy makers are that confident.  These are very good, and the chewing experience is nice.  Firm, but not too firm, they’re a fun quick chew.



The lemon starts off a bit more intense, but DAMN does it really taste like a lemon.  Wow.  Think of the most sour lemonade you ever made as a kid before realzing you needed to add sugar-that’s what we’re talking about here.  But like the grape, the sour quickly gives way, and almost as soon as it does, you’re almost done eating the little devil.

What a great combination lemon and grape are.  These definitely do NOT disappoint, and also get bonus points for coming in resealable bags.  They’re also pretty damn small, so eating 5 or 6 won’t make you feel like a fatty at all. Even 8.

There’s lots of sellers on Ebay that make these available, or click the link below to see your options.  These are definitely original, fun, and dang authentic and tasty.

Zolli Candy


  1. Jen

    You can find these at most Asian grocery stores. If you live in Canada, try T&T supermarket. If you live in the GTA, Pacific Mall (Markham) has tons of candy stores that sell these.

  2. Matty

    Japanese sour gummies sound like monies.

  3. Jonny

    Annie, I don’t-but I think you can find them on the web if you give it some time. Good luck!

  4. Annie

    Badly wanna try these! Would you know where your friends bought it from in hong kong?

  5. mattycandy

    i want


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