Rolo: While It’s Technically True That You CAN Roll a Rolo To Your Pal, I’m Not Going To.

"You can roll a Rolo / To your pal/ They're chocolate covered / Car - a -mal". Not car-a-mel, but car-a-mal. Get it right.

Reviewed by Jonny

April 23, 2012


Why, you say?  WHY?  Because I’m not sharing these with a pal.  Pal’s don’t do jack for me.  Rolos do.


Couldn’t be  simpler. Like it says, “chewy caramel in milk chocolate”.  That about sums it up, but they’ve nailed the combination with this confection.  Rolo have been sold in Europe since Dinosaurs were chillin’, but only came into the US in 1969, the year of the hippie, and sadly for me, the year I was born.  Old.


There’s a significant difference between the ones sold in the US and Rolo sold everywhere else: the caramel.  Here, it’s chewy, firm, and delightful.  Everywhere else, it’s runny, which apparently some people like.  Not this guy.  On an ice cream sundae? Yes.  But does anyone really need runny caramel stuck to their chin as they sneak a bite of delicious sweetness at work? Isn’t that a prescription for an awkward conversation?


I’ve liked these since I was in short pants (never mind that I was in shorts yesterday, you KNOW what I’m saying) and I still like them.  The commercial in the 80’s had a jingle that went something like “You can roll a Rolo / To your pal/ They’re chocolate covered / Car – a -mal”.  Not car-a-mel, but car-a-mal.  Shit had to rhyme.  Regardless, if a pal comes over, I’m giving them something good to be sure, but not the mecca of supermarket you-can-find-them-anywhere candies.  You only get @ 10 in a roll, so from where I’m standing…Rolo’s are solo.  MAYBE the wife gets one piece.  We’ll see.
Find them anywhere.  Literally.  Probably right next to you right now.  And if you haven’t indulged in a few years, pick up a roll and see if they hold up for you.  As for supermarket candy bars, there’s this, Snickers, and Twix.  Everything else must bow down.



Zolli Candy


  1. Enzo The Baker

    Roll a Rolo to your pal? It just goes in a tiny circle and comes back to you. Thanks, pal!

  2. Matty

    I’ll tell you what. Let me roll a goddamn Rocky Road to you. Hey – have ALLL the rocky Roads. I’ll roll a freaking TOME of them. The things I like? Yeah. No. I keep those. #Jussayin

  3. Roberttheg

    The main problem is they are too kdamned good! Try to eat just one!

    • jonnyguru

      it’s not possible. Technically, I mean, it’s not possible to eat just one. Hasn’t ever happened.

  4. Cordovamama

    Completely agree!


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